Degrassi Snapchat Takeover: Chelsea Clark

Chelsea takes over Degrassi’s Snapchat and gives us a look inside her weekend, and she also holds a Q&A session for fans.


Stefan Brogren Teases Degrassi: Next Class Season 3 Trailers

So the trailers for Degrassi: Next Class Season 3 are finished…it’s now just a matter of WHEN they’re going to be released.


Degrassi Webisode: All Inclusive, Part 3 – Religious Discrimination

Goldi’s placed in the uncomfortable position of being asked to compromise her religious beliefs for the sake of a school play.


Degrassi Corner: DNC Season 3 Screening, Cute Whore And Eleanor Shore News

Season 3 is done and the creators held a screening to watch the product. We also have some Degrassian music news, including an upcoming performance for a good cause.


Degrassi Halloween 2016

Check out how Degrassians, past and present, celebrated Halloween weekend!


Degrassi Snapchat Takeover: Amir Bageria

Check out some of the previous Snapchat takeovers! Sara Waisglass Amanda Arcuri Dante Scott After celebrating his birthday this past week, Amir got to take over Degrassi’s Snapchat account for the weekend (“degrassisnap”). […]


Degrassi Vlog Roundup 10/29/16

It’s been kind of a busy week, but the Degrassi Vlog train moves along! Here’s a few of the vlogs that Degrassi’s posted over the past week: Degrassi Chats Gay-Straight Alliances Earlier this year Adamo […]