#ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin airs Tuesday, January 12th at 9pm ET on Family Channel in Canada. This episode (and all 10 episodes of Next Class Season 1) will be available worldwide on Netflix starting Friday, January 15th.

When Grace realizes she isn’t gay, Zoe retaliates by sleeping with her crush, Zig. Miles wakes up in a park and he realizes he needs help. Maya wonders if she’s messed up her one big chance after being turned down by a music producer.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.


Posted by Kary


  1. feminism is disgusting



  2. The episode description gives away so much lol, but I did get that vibe after seeing Zoe kiss Grace for the second time. Both times they’ve kissed, Grace has shown almost no reaction.



  3. LOL, the fandom is going to explode. *grabs popcorn*



  4. Hello everyone. According to Family’s Press Release, the finale on Friday is the Finale of part 1 for Season 1. Source:http://press.family.ca/family/



  5. Quick reactions, I should sleep:

    – Zoe and Grace: Grace tried, and Zoe… I am glad to see S13-14 Zoe pop up again. Right, cart before the horse. So it was nice to see a repeat of the ‘awkward not sure how to romance’ thing that Degrassi usually avoids for jumping right to smoochies. It was nice to see that, obviously, Grace and Zoe care a lot about each other and what’s about to go down. Grace tried to see if her feelings extended past emotions and into lust, and found out they didn’t. I doubt Grace has anyone close enough to her that this could even come up before now. Hence scrambling to say she liked Zig. To the fandom at large saying Grace ‘lead Zoe on’ Zoe made every affirmation that this wouldn’t screw up their friendship if it didn’t work, and Grace made every attempt to warn Zoe that this wouldn’t work.

    Zoe then did someone reckless and stupid. I mean… well, that’s accurate, but she did something reckless and stupid by doing someone reckless and stupid. This has been Zoe’s MO since the start of S13. She sees a threat, she acts, and then realizes it was a terrible mistake. I doubt the fact that she was hurting Maya even registered as she slept with Maya’s boyfriend. It also means Zoe is super bi and not doing the team swap Alex did.

    – Miles and Esme: Esme is this perfect little storm of evil? Like Imogen she’s pulling a lady Macbeth. Unlike Imogen her motives seem far less pure. Imogen, in hindsight, became what she thought each of her love interests wanted, it was clear in her clothes and hair that she changed to be whatever felt most reflective of the other’s temperament. Mysterious for Eli, sophisticated for Fiona, playful and childish for Adam, and alternative for Jack. Esme, on the other hand, seems to just like having a toy who needs her. And Miles was pretty much wearing a target painted on his forehead.

    Miles meanwhile is a fabulous rendition of ‘my life is crap, save me’ by throwing himself down more and more staircases until someone cares. This entire plot, as far as Miles growth goes, is pretty fabulous given he started off on his way to self-destructive before anyone was there to step in. Winston, Maya, and Frankie need to step in on this (since they have the best track record).

    – Maya and Zig: Finally an ep where Jonah isn’t bothering me. He’s a bit too forceful with Franks, and his past eps with Maya and Grace he was just… there. Maya’s plot was really just there to make Zig’s plot make sense, I almost wish we skipped Maya’s half of the plot to just watch Zig freaking out without knowing if Maya did or didn’t do anything. Maybe with him stalking Jonah’s socials to see more pics of him and Maya to get more and more sure and then… nope, nothing happened.

    I need to go to bed before tumblr makes my head hurt. From beating my face into a wall to make the rather kneejerk commentaries go away.



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