The Stohn and Linda Schuyler traveled to Paris to attend a Netflix press event, where it was announced Degrassi: Next Class Season 2 would launch worldwide on Netflix on Friday, July 22.

Linda was one of the many Netflix stars/show execs to appear on press panels throughout the event:



The most common questions being asked after today’s announcement:

How many episodes are there in season 2? 10. Degrassi filmed 20 total episodes in 2015, but instead of packaging them as one full season they were designated as two separate ones. Degrassi is currently preparing to produce a third (and maybe fourth) season, but official order status/episode count/etc. is currently unknown.

When will season 2 air in Canada? The official date is unknown. DHX Media’s network Family Channel has first-run rights for Degrassi: Next Class, so the episodes will definitely air in Canada before they’re released on Netflix. Anything before the summer months is doubtful. If the Family Channel/Netflix broadcast pattern is the same as season 1, the Canadian premiere would be on Monday, July 11.

Is the Netflix release really worldwide? Technically, no. Broadcast rights have prevented the immediate release of Next Class on Netflix in the following countries:

*Canada (was supposed to be available in March, but hasn’t happened yet)
*Australia (as of right now they just started airing season 14. Next Class availability is still expected in Australia in May)


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  1. That’s a ways between season 1 and 2. Then that probably sets up season 3 for not until the middle of January on Netflix, first part of Jan on Canada tv. With only 10 episodes in a season, it’d be nice if they brought them out faster. Unless the Canadian tv will want their third season before the end of this year. I wonder what Netflix thinks of its performance, I think the good buzz from season one could make an increase in season 2 viewers, but I suppose no one outside Netflix has any idea if season 1 was successful or not. It would be good to see right after season 2 that they announce at least season 3-4 right away.

    I wish with only ten episodes they could get these out like every 3 months. Or at least 4, but I guess it’s best to do what’s necessary to keep all 10 episodes of a higher quality.



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