The final episode of Degrassi TV (for now) involves one of the toughest topics of all: talking to your crush.

If you’re looking for advice from me that’ll have people throwing themselves at you… *insert shrug emoji*

I’m a socially awkward human being, and I’ve found that just talking to your crush (if they’re someone you already know) can be fairly easy. Finding something you two may have in common, or talking to them about something they’re interested in is a good way to start. So are the other ideas mentioned in the video below (except Baaz…for the love of God ignore his clueless self). But it’s the expression of romantic feelings, telling them that you feel a certain way about them, well that’s the second-most terrifying part.**

One thing I’ve discovered in all my years of being “too afraid to talk to the opposite sex” is that I’ve somehow managed to be bold enough to tell someone I like them almost every single time. Let’s just disregard the fact that I have a losing record, and it feels like you’re getting stabbed in the chest/stomach when you’re rejected…because when you come out the other side you should be a little smarter and stronger.

It may feel like it, but it’s most certainly not the end of the world if your crush doesn’t like you back. If they do? That’s great. If not? Move on…you should never have to convince someone to like you. Know your value.

**Telling someone you like them is the second-most terrifying part. The most terrifying part is being brutally honest with yourself, knowing your value and sorting through your feelings to figure out if what you’re feeling is legit. Do you know and like them for who they really are, or are you just enamored with an idea of them that you’ve built up in your head? Does any of it even matter? What is it that you’re truly looking for? You can’t expect others to keep it real with you if you can’t keep it real with yourself.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

The end of Degrassi TV means the new season of Degrassi: Next Class is rapidly approaching! Season 2 airs weekly starting Tuesday, July 19th on Family Channel (Canada only), and all 10 episodes will be available worldwide on Netflix (and the Family Channel app for Canadians) on Friday, July 22. Details here.

Until then, catch up on any Degrassi TV episodes you may have missed!

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  1. I miss degrassi tng 3-7 (I say 3 bc I loved 1-2 in middle school I was in grade eight when 4 came out. As a 25 year old adult lmao I can’t.) I got to your blog searching goes Hollywood bc somehow I missed it and am watching it now. Amazing blog btw!

    And on this topic…
    I still can’t tell a crush my feels. LOL STILL HAVING DEGRASSI PROBZ AT 25. LITERALLY been my issue these days hahaha



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