A lot of stuff happened on and off the set of  Degrassi this week, with one of the biggest being the show starting production on seasons 3 and 4 of Next Class:


Sometimes the cast and crew also post social media updates from the set…

On Set Recap Tuesday 5/17: http://wp.me/ph9H9-6×2

On Set Recap Wednesday 5/18: http://wp.me/ph9H9-6xj

Even bigger than that was Australian network ABC3 having revealed the first 5 episode titles and descriptions for season 2 throughout the week.


Australia is currently in the middle of broadcasting Next Class Season 1. Episodes 106-110 will air next week with Season 2 supposedly airing down under beginning May 30th, but I won’t believe the latter until it actually happens:



Today is the final day to submit your video entries for the first episode of Degrassi TV.

Speaking of videos…

The Dot TV rolled out another episode of “Connecting The Dots,” with this episode discussing Feminism:

And the latest Degrassi Vlog had Amir Bageria reviewing Captain America: Civil War.

Lux (Lyle) and Babe (Olivia), who perform as the duo Cute Whore, released the music video for their song “Cult Leader:”

If you’re confused by the vast difference between this and the image they present on Degrassi, they discuss that here.

A new teaser trailer for Eric Osborne’s movie Crazy House was released, and I’m still waiting on Miles to drop that word on Degrassi. ;)


Not only did Richard Walters release a remastered version of his song “Neverland,” but it was announced he’ll be performing at Acoustic Bash this summer in Toronto. Tickets are on sale now.


And this is a reminder that on June 6, Ehren, Eric and their band Eleanor Shore will be performing live at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. Event details are here.


This week (5/22-5/29) is the final week of a play Adamo Ruggiero is co-producing called Sheets. Show and ticket info are here.

Season 2 of Justin Kelly’s series Between will arrive on Netflix July 1st.

And congratulations to Soma Bhatia, who snagged a role in the upcoming animated movie, The Breadwinner.


Posted by Kary


  1. Jeremy Williams May 23, 2016 at 5:55 am

    Hey Kary! Remember the season 7 promos for Degrassi? Where they were a bit darker in tone and reflected the dark storylines of the season? And also the season 9 promos. Where we got an interesting insight into the characters through personal statements? Well I know I’m not alone when I say that those seasons had the best marketing campaigns. So, in respect to the fantastic storytelling of Degrassi: Next Class I’ve decided to start making my own promos for the series. I’ve already created these two, one for Frankie and one for Zoe & Grace, and I would love your opinion!



    1. These are really nice!



    2. I liked them! I really loved the Frankie one, you definitely took her storyline and made it look darker!



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