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Degrassi Vlog Roundup 10/29/16

It’s been kind of a busy week, but the Degrassi Vlog train moves along! Here’s a few of the vlogs that Degrassi’s posted over the past week: Degrassi Chats Gay-Straight Alliances Earlier this year Adamo […]

VIDEO: Degrassi Recreates Marco’s Iconic Coming Out Scene

It’s one of the most-memorable moments of Degrassi: The Next Generation. In the season 3 episode Pride, Part 1 ended with an emotionally-charged cliffhanger as Marco finally came out to Spinner. That was in 2003. […]

Degrassi Happenings 5/22/16

A lot of stuff happened on and off the set of  Degrassi this week, with one of the biggest being the show starting production on seasons 3 and 4 of Next Class: Sometimes the cast […]

Adamo Ruggiero’s Web Series “Connecting The Dots” Coming April 11th

#BestSchoolDay Chatting with y'all at your High School's about issues that affect YOU! New series coming to The Dot. pic.twitter.com/RMvbN6369p — The Dot (@TheDotTV) March 10, 2016 – As part of Degrassi’s digital world, Adamo […]

The Dot TV: Unfriend The Ex?

[12/11/15] What’s the etiquette on dealing with an ex on social media?

Degrassi’s Adamo Ruggiero Launches “The Dot” Web Series

Pegged as “Your life from A to gen Z,” Adamo Ruggiero has launched a new web series called “The Dot,” in conjunction with the digital team at Degrassi.  Adamo introduces himself in the first video […]

Degrassi Cast: #MyFavOuttakes

Do two Degrassi actors from two different generations share anything in common?

Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Miriam McDonald

– Miriam McDonald herself is on the couch talking the Degrassi experience, hilarious off camera moments and where she thinks Emma is now… – –

Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Aislinn Paul

– Aislinn is on the couch! Here she talks Clare and Eli, kissing boys for work and plays a very revealing round of Degrassi trivia with Adamo!

Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Jordan Todosey

– Jordan Todosey joins Adamo on the couch to talk Adam’s legacy, his ultimate Degrassi relationship and playing brothers with Luke Bilyk! – –