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Degrassi Happenings 5/22/16

A lot of stuff happened on and off the set of  Degrassi this week, with one of the biggest being the show starting production on seasons 3 and 4 of Next Class: Sometimes the cast […]

Degrassi Happenings 2/22/16

Here’s a live look at the Degrassi universe: A month into the hiatus and there’s nothin’ man…and we’ve got a while to go before anything major happens. Despite nothing really happening with the show itself, former and current […]

Degrassi Recap: Hangout with Justin Kelly and Jacob Neayem

– Justin Kelly and Jacob Neayem swung by Epitome to do a live chat with fans.  You can watch the full interview in the video above, and navigate to specific questions and answers with the […]

Degrassi Debate: “Clare Edwards Is A Slut.”

– This is one of those topics I’ve wanted to discuss for a while, but now seems appropriate since Degrassi returns in a week, and the premiere episode deals with this very topic: Clare Edwards […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Don’t Panic

PLOT A SUMMARY: Katie is running for class President.  Meanwhile, she finds out Marisol still has a crush on Drew.  Drew asks Katie out, but she doesn’t want to accept because she doesn’t want to […]

Degrassi Extra Episode 1121 (Extraordinary Machine Pt. 2)

To download, CLICK HERE (right click, “save target as”) Degrass Extra recap for Extraordinary Machine Pt. 2 What We Learned From This Episode *When in doubt, just have Peter plant drugs in a locker for […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Extraordinary Machine

PLOT A SUMMARY: Eli is still off of his medication, and is slipping mentally.  All he’s concerned about is getting rid of Jake so he can get Clare back.  He changes the villain of the […]

Degrassi Extra Episode 1120 (Extraordinary Machine Pt. 1)

To download, CLICK HERE (right click, “save target as”) Degrassi Extra recap for Extraordinary Machine Pt. 1 What We Learned From This Episode *Argiris Karras is really good at playing a bad actor *If Jay […]

Degrassi Episode Discussion: Extraordinary Machine Pt. 1

Episode Description for Extraordinary Machine Part 1: Eli’s behaving erratically and somehow seems to think he’s going to win Clare back. Is he off his meds? Oh wait… he is. – Oh really, Eli’s off […]

DegrassiBlog Welcomes Cristine Prosperi To Twitter

Well hello there, Miss Prosperi…I kinda feel like Jordy or Spencer should be in the background making faces. Cristine is the latest Degrassi cast member to join the twitterverse.  Her twitter account is @CrisProsperi.  As […]