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Degrassi Snapchat Takeover: Ehren Kassam

Degrassi’s brooding heartthrob/musician Ehren Kassam takes over the official Degrassi Snapchat for the day!

Degrassi Corner: DNC Season 3 Screening, Cute Whore And Eleanor Shore News

Season 3 is done and the creators held a screening to watch the product. We also have some Degrassian music news, including an upcoming performance for a good cause.

Degrassi Yearbook: Win A Grammy

The Next Class cast is so diverse in many ways, but so many of them have one thing in common: they’re passionate about music. While the previous generation of Degrassians (S10-14) were mostly involved in […]

Degrassi Corner: Amir’s Hiatus, #KissAndCry, Degrassi Cat, DNC Season 3 Q&A

  This Degrassi hiatus is awfully quiet, even quieter than usual. So since Stefan Brogren and his hats are currently M.I.A. from the Degrassi web series universe, I’ve come up with “Degrassi Corner.” Not to […]

VIDEO: How Well Does The Degrassi Cast Know Each Other?

Degrassi cast members have always been known for forming close friendships with each other, but how well do they REALLY know each other? Entertainment site ANDPOP visited the set of Degrassi to test them with […]

Degrassi Happenings 5/22/16

A lot of stuff happened on and off the set of  Degrassi this week, with one of the biggest being the show starting production on seasons 3 and 4 of Next Class: Sometimes the cast […]

Degrassi: Next Class – “Off Set” With Ricardo Hoyos

After a hiatus within the hiatus (hiatusception), Degrassi’s digital team has returned with another batch of “Off Set” episodes. Ricardo Hoyos‘ episodes takes us to his hometown of Alliston, where we get to meet his […]

Degrassi Happenings 2/22/16

Here’s a live look at the Degrassi universe: A month into the hiatus and there’s nothin’ man…and we’ve got a while to go before anything major happens. Despite nothing really happening with the show itself, former and current […]

Degrassi: Next Class – “Off Set” With Ehren Kassam & Spencer MacPherson

Lots of close friendships have formed between Degrassi cast members over the years; some work on projects together and others even live with each other. Though their characters don’t interact on set, Ehren and Spencer […]

Degrassi’s Ehren Kassam & Sara Waisglass Nominated For Young Entertainer Award

March could be a big month for Degrassi awards. With the Canadian Screen Awards less than five weeks away, Ehren Kassam and Sara Waisglass have also received Young Entertainer Awards nominations for their role on Degrassi. Both […]