This Degrassi hiatus is awfully quiet, even quieter than usual. So since Stefan Brogren and his hats are currently M.I.A. from the Degrassi web series universe, I’ve come up with “Degrassi Corner.” Not to be confused with the far more entertaining “Philosopher’s Corner.”

This first episode is just a recap of a few of the things that’ve happened in Degrassiland over the past week (that includes current and former Degrassi cast members).

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Amir’s statement:

Sarah and Luke at Calgary International Film Festival’s Kiss And Cry Screening

Based on a true story, Sarah stars as figure skater and singer Carley Allison, who became an inspiration while battling a rare form of throat cancer. Luke also stars in this romantic drama as John. Kiss And Cry will be released in 2017.

Welcome to the Degrassi family, Emilia!

We still don’t know a specific airdate, but in my opinion my answer about Australia is “doubtful.” I think most fans don’t realize that despite the fact the episodes are “broken up” into “seasons” with 10 episodes each, Degrassi produces 20 episodes at a time, so you can either view the episodes as two blocks of 10 (because each has its own arc) or one block of 20 (there is no “hard reset” like previous seasons, so stories and themes from DNC S1 carried over into S2).

The assumption is that Degrassi shipped all 20 Next Class episodes to the broadcasters at once this year (Netflix, Family Channel, Australia’s ABC3, etc).

An e-mail received from ABC3 earlier this year when they were asked about why they're airing DNC Season 2 before Canada

An e-mail received from ABC3 earlier this year when they were asked about why they’re airing DNC Season 2 before Canada

Australia essentially aired all 20 episodes at once, and looking back at a tweet from Stephen Stohn, Australia has its own schedule seemingly independent of Family Channel and Netflix (Family Channel has the rights to air Degrassi before Netflix).

But I also assume that things will play out similarly to how they worked this year; Family Channel will have first crack at airing at least one DNC Season 3 episode before Netflix, and Australia will air Season 3 at a later date than both. The real question is whether or not Australia will end up airing Season 4 before anyone else, and the answer to that is unknown.

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  1. Thanks for injecting some life in the Degrassi fandom!



    1. Thank you! It feels even quieter than usual these days.

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