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Degrassi Corner: Amir’s Hiatus, #KissAndCry, Degrassi Cat, DNC Season 3 Q&A

  This Degrassi hiatus is awfully quiet, even quieter than usual. So since Stefan Brogren and his hats are currently M.I.A. from the Degrassi web series universe, I’ve come up with “Degrassi Corner.” Not to […]

Degrassi Vlogs: Spencer Does Jamie’s Makeup

Spencer is great at acting. Putting on makeup? Not so much. There’s no way Jamie volunteered for this…she should sue Degrassi for making her work under such harsh conditions. Enjoy all of Degrassi’s laid back […]

Degrassi: Next Class – “Off Set” With Ricardo Hoyos

After a hiatus within the hiatus (hiatusception), Degrassi’s digital team has returned with another batch of “Off Set” episodes. Ricardo Hoyos‘ episodes takes us to his hometown of Alliston, where we get to meet his […]

Degrassi Sweeps The Canadian Screen Awards Again! (2016)

“Whatever it takes” has been Degrassi’s motto for nearly 15 years now.  The show has gone through many transitions, the latest being its cancellation on multiple networks and journey to find a new home. So […]

Degrassi: Next Class – “Off Set” With Ehren Kassam & Spencer MacPherson

Lots of close friendships have formed between Degrassi cast members over the years; some work on projects together and others even live with each other. Though their characters don’t interact on set, Ehren and Spencer […]

Degrassi Cast Departs For Trip To The Amazon

There wasn’t really a major announcement about the trip like in previous years, but the Degrassi cast is headed to the Amazon as part of the Me to We program. Not only will they help […]

Sara, Spencer & Ehren Talk Degrassi On CP24

Sara Waisglass, Spencer MacPherson and Ehren Kassam kicked off the week by appearing on CP24 Breakfast to talk about what we can expect in Degrassi Next Class.  The highlights from the interview: *The interview includes […]