Image via @theanagolja/instagram "Ecuador, here we comeeee! @metowe @freethechildren @degrassi"

Image via @theanagolja/instagram
“Ecuador, here we comeeee! @metowe @freethechildren @degrassi”

There wasn’t really a major announcement about the trip like in previous years, but the Degrassi cast is headed to the Amazon as part of the Me to We program. Not only will they help build a local structure while there, they’ll also learn about challenges of education and women’s rights in the area. They should return to Canada just in time for the premiere of Next Class on Monday, January 4th.

Here’s a look at the cast as they waited for their departing flight:

They also had a little fun yesterday talking about packing…


The last time Degrassi traveled to South America a documentary about their trip was produced.

Posted by Kary


  1. They need to put that money into a decent theme song & making these DVDs actually packed with bonuses !



  2. What a fantastic opportunity of the Degrassi cast. I really hope there’s going to be a TV special chronicling their adventures.



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