Sara Waisglass, Spencer MacPherson and Ehren Kassam kicked off the week by appearing on CP24 Breakfast to talk about what we can expect in Degrassi Next Class.  The highlights from the interview:

*The interview includes video clips from what looks to be the first encounter between Frankie and Jonah in Next Class.  Frankie’s crying in a music room by herself, and Jonah walks in and tells her he needs the room to practice.

*SARA: Social media plays a big part in Next Class

*EHREN: Jonah will interact with interesting characters (We know he’ll be interacting with Frankie, Maya and Grace often). He “brings about some storylines that are something that a lot of people might have different opinions on.”

*SARA: The usually-confident Frankie becomes unsure of herself in Next Class.

*TOPICS IN NEXT CLASS: Online harassment, mental illness, feminism, sexuality, racial discrimination (TNG has barely touched on racial issues, so from what I’ve heard this could easily end up being the most-prominent racial storyline since “Black and White” in Degrassi Junior High).

You can watch the full interview here:

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