Talk Nerdy With Us has been interviewing Degrassi cast members during the hiatus, and Richard Walters is the latest to chat with the site.  One of the most interesting parts of the interview has to be how Richard was finally about to get a role on the show after multiple auditions:

It was about a year and a half, possibly two years of going through nearly seven auditions before I got Tiny. It was a journey. It was an uphill battle for sure, because there would be auditions where I would get extremely close. It’d be down to me and some other person and the other person would get it. It was definitely taking a toll on my self-esteem, stuff like that, in regards to okay am I finally going to get something? I finally went full throttle and Tiny came out and I heard the description, what they were looking for. I said okay, let me just try to go as hard as I can for this role and I was fortunate enough to get it.

Some quick facts from the interview:
*The show will explore Tiny and Shay’s relationship
*Just like Ana and Ehren/Eric, Richard be releasing new music in 2016
*The Degrassi cast is headed to Ecuador in the coming weeks

Richard talks more about Degrassi and his music in the full interview here.  For more Next Class interviews from Talk Nerdy With Us:

*Ehren Kassam
*Spencer MacPherson
*Andre Kim
*Ana Golja
*Lyle Lettau

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