DHX Media puts out brand promos on occasion, and recently posted one that includes some new clips from Degrassi: Next Class.  You can watch the promo itself below, but almost all of the Degrassi clips scattered throughout the promo are generic (and there’s no audio).  I’ve also posted screenshots below for quicker viewing.

Tiny pushes Miles (assuming Miles is instigating here)…


Another clip from that scene, probably before the Miles/Tiny altercation.  The over/under on Miles being a trainwreck this season has gotta be higher than anything we’ve seen the past two seasons.


I’m guessing we can expect to see lots of the face below from Zig this season.  While it’s great Maya is doing her own thing, from a generic standpoint Zig’s feelings are still absolutely valid in this storyline.  It doesn’t make some of his potential actions okay by default, but it also doesn’t make it “toxic” behavior by default either.  These situations can be more complex than that, and if you’ve never been in a situation similar to what Zig will face, I envy you.

 It never, ever feels good when people choose other people/things over you…especially when you can see the relationship changing before your eyes.  But while it sucks to deal with feeling like you’re not important (once again I point to the acceptance/rejection themes of Mirror in the Bathroom, themes that drive human behavior), in the end people want what they want and you have to deal with it, no matter how much it hurts.


In other news…will Zoemund reestablish the connection they had in season 14?


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  1. BRANKIE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!👫💏💑💕💕💕💕



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