Because the Degrassi universe loves punishing you during the hiatus, there’s no updates on anything related to Next Class so far (that are allowed to be revealed, that is).  Netflix hasn’t listed exact premiere dates for any of the 2016 shows on their list, so hopefully that’ll happen amidst the upcoming holiday season.

Degrassians appearing in primetime is becoming a regular habit…here’s a look at where you can catch them over the next few days:


Aislinn Paul on Heroes Reborn (8pm ET on NBC and Global TV)


FRIDAY 10/23

Spencer MacPherson on Reign (8pm ET on CW)


SUNDAY 10/25

Lost Girl Series Finale (9pm on Showcase)

The series stars Kris Holden Reid (Tracker on Degrassi), with Luke Bilyk recurring in this final season. Series Showrunner/Executive Producer is former Degrassi writer, Michael Grassi.



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  1. Aislinn Paul is the only reason why I may give Heroes another chance. I wish I had known about Bilyk on Lost Girl though. I don’t watch it, but I would’ve watched that one.



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