Degrassi made the list of guilty pleasures the EW community enjoys as adults.

Do you still watch shows that you’re quote, “too old to still be watching,” but your mindset is IDGAF? That’s me with Degrassi.  I’m an adult, which means I can do whatever the hell I want!

Like EW community contributor Cara Cooper, I discovered Degrassi in college.  I’ll still be watching this show when my grandkids are teens and Adamo Ruggiero is the new Stefan.

On this list of shows for young ones adults still watch, compiled by Joanna Skrabala, here’s what Cooper said about Degrassi:

I know that technically Degrassi is a “teen” show made for “teens” to watch and learn from, but I didn’t actually discover the crown jewel of Canadian television until I was midway through college. I’ve been obsessed ever since. There is nothing I love more than overly dramatic high school dramas, and Degrassi is the best of them all. I’ve laughed when Spinner took too many ADHD pills, I’ve cried over JT (RIP), I’ve even made list of the Degrassi couple power rankings (Craig and Ellie forever!). Whether it was the first episode when Drake was Jimmy with an afro, or the final episodes with Claire and Eli, I grew up with Degrassi. Well, not really. I was already grown, but I’ve loved it just the same.

Check out the entire article here.

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