“Whatever it takes” has been Degrassi’s motto for nearly 15 years now.  The show has gone through many transitions, the latest being its cancellation on multiple networks and journey to find a new home. So far Degrassi has made it through quite well in 2016, successfully launching its new incarnation on Family Channel and worldwide on Netflix, and now winning four more Canadian Screen Awards.

All four of Degrassi’s winners from last year won again this year, further cementing Degrassi’s tight grip on the Children’s/Youth categories at the CSA’s:



Degrassi has now won 14 Canadian Screen Awards over the past four years. Congratulations Phil, Matty, Aislinn and the Degrassi team on your back-to-back sweep!  Normally their isn’t a CSA Gala broadcast, but Degrassi managed to get some footage of the winners being announced.

And they’re looking mighty fly with their new hardware (NOTE: Aislinn was unable to attend the awards ceremony, so Sara Waisglass accepted the Best Performance award on her behalf.):

Below are more pictures and video from Degrassi’s big night at the Canadian Screen Awards!

Degrassi on Snapchat

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  1. I love Aislinn she did a nice job and proud of the wins for the Epitome family but I feel Eric got burned.. I hope Eric and Spencer both get nominated next year. They both did a fantastic job in S1 or S15.



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