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Degrassi Corner: Amir’s Hiatus, #KissAndCry, Degrassi Cat, DNC Season 3 Q&A

  This Degrassi hiatus is awfully quiet, even quieter than usual. So since Stefan Brogren and his hats are currently M.I.A. from the Degrassi web series universe, I’ve come up with “Degrassi Corner.” Not to […]

Degrassi Birthdays: December 2015

Cassie Steele (December 2nd) It’s been years and Cassie still looks like she hasn’t aged a bit.  Her tweets also give me life: I'm just an embarrassing person in general — cassie steele (@cassandrasteele) June […]

Degrassi Happenings 11/20/15

#AmIBeingParanoidIf I check the Degrassi twitter every 5 seconds so that I'm the first to know when Degrassi: Next Class premieres?? (NO!!!) — Degrassi (@Degrassi) November 19, 2015 – Good to see Degrassi’s back to […]

Behind The Scenes: Olivia and Andre Talk “Dream Miles Plot”

Just another Monday waiting on Degrassi news pic.twitter.com/2L6IdDWaFG — Kary (@KaryDegrassi) November 9, 2015 – So true. But until we get some juicy Degrassi news that’ll revive the fandom, Degrassi just posted a behind-the-scenes clip […]

Degrassi Celebrates Halloween 2015!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, DEGRASSIANS. pic.twitter.com/TV5kqktKHy — Degrassi Things. (@degrassihaha) October 31, 2015 – Happy Halloween! Degrassians everywhere are celebrating the holiday…here’s a look at fans dressing up as Degrassi characters: – And of course the Degrassi […]

Degrassi Happenings 10/16/15

All is quiet on the set of Degrassi, but it’s a busy few days for several cast members who will be out and about.  Here’s a look at where you can see/meet them over the weekend: ********** TONIGHT […]

Addressing The Andre Kim Situation

WARNING: This post contains graphic language, because there’s no point in sugar coating anything in regards to this subject. 2014 seems to be the year of scandals popping up out of nowhere for public figures, […]