Cassie Steele (December 2nd)


It’s been years and Cassie still looks like she hasn’t aged a bit.  Her tweets also give me life:


Andre Kim (December 2nd)


Happy Birthday, Andre!  On top of Degrassi, he’s been busy with school and other projects.  At the end of season 14 I posed some concerns about the future of Winston’s character going forward. He’s not a strong standalone character because since day one he’s always been attached to the Hollingsworths, as either Miles’ best friend or Frankie’s boyfriend.  They’re the lead characters while he’s forever playing the sidekick.

Miles is his only major social connection at the moment, so I’ll be interested to see if Winston comes into his own in Next Class.


Jessica Tyler (December 8th)



Shanice Banton (December 8th)


Just for old time’s sake……..


I’m glad they eventually made Marisol awesome in the end.  Shanice is currently starring in the upcoming Jesse Owens biopic, Race.


Pat Mastroianni (December 22nd)


If you don’t know who Pat Mastroianni is, I implore you to go back and watch Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High.  You know how every generation of Degrassi has a few major characters within the ensemble cast? That was Joey Jeremiah.  You know how every generation has that ship everyone remembers?  That was Joey and Caitlin.


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  1. Jessica Tyler looks like she’s angling to become the next “tan mom”. It’s not that long ago that she was on but I completely forgot about marisol and I can’t remember why she left, or if she just disappeared.



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