The first episode of this new season of Degrassi TV tackles consent, and I love how it features several characters who’ve had their own consent storylines over the past few seasons. For more on those storylines:

Zoë’s sexual assault in season 13: Unbelivable | Sparks Will Fly | Believe

Tristan’s student-teacher relationship in season 13: Hypnotize | Out Of My Head

Zig & Maya deal with consent in Next Class season 1: #YesMeansYes

Degrassi’s lifestyle series “Connecting The Dots” has also had an in-depth discussion on consent.

This series also features opinions from Degrassi fans on the subject matter. Check it out below:

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Be on the lookout for more Degrassi TV episodes as they’ll be asking for more fan videos for each episode! Details will be posted on their Facebook page.

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