While Australia’s down there airing Degrassi however it wants, Canada’s sneaky tail has been doing things right under our nose!

Thanks to that massive Season 2 Australia news weeks ago serving as the distraction of all distractions, multiple reports in between then and now have announced Degrassi: Next Class Season 1 will finally be released on Netflix Canada on Saturday, June 11.

Sources: The TV Addict, Vancouver Sun, ANDPOP, Huffpost Canada

As for now, we’re waiting for more info regarding this monthly promo posted by Netflix Canada, which references season 2 as opposed to season 1.

Can’t see the promo? Watch it here.

Posted by Kary


  1. My guess is that despite rebranding itself from Family to f2n, Degrassi was still too much for the network. I wonder if it’ll launch on the same day they announced it for the US.



  2. So far as of this morning, it’s only season 1 of next class. Maybe we still have to wait on season 2 like the USA.



  3. You can watch Season 2 already online. Just watched the first episode. Jamie Johnston guest stars as Peter.



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