RECAP: Zig discovers that Hunter and the gamer club are behind Maya’s online trolling. Zig confronts and punches Hunter after Hunter tells him that Maya deserved it. While the two are in Simpson’s office, Hunter blackmails Zig into keeping quiet about the trolling with a copy of the video of Zig and Zoë hooking up. Zig initially agrees, but eventually tells Maya the truth about Hunter. He also confesses to hooking up with Zoë, leaving Maya speechless.

dnc109-1aThe combination of Zig’s selfishness and Hunter’s cutthroat behavior makes this plot so juicy. Zig knows what he did was wrong and doesn’t want Maya to suffer more than she already has, but throughout this episode Zig’s also motivated to keep quiet because he knows Maya would break up with him if she found out he hooked up with Zoë.

Degrassi is taking Hunter Hollingsworth down a disturbing path that still has my jaw on the floor. He truly believes Maya deserves the harassment campaign he’s orchestrated, and he arrogantly flaunts the fact he has no intention of stopping. While he and Zig are focused on their own agendas, Maya’s the one who continues to suffer because of their actions.

dnc109-1bMaya only makes a handful of appearances in #SinceWeBeinHonest, but you can tell how this situation has affected her. She looks drained, physically and emotionally, until she returns from telling her mom that Hunter is the troll. Seeing that joy on Maya’s face makes Zig’s cheating confession even more heartbreaking, as we watch the life instantly get sucked out of her.

Zig’s internal conflict. Hunter’s mercilessness. Maya’s emotional beating. Moreso in Next Class than in previous seasons, Degrassi is using emotions to carry the storylines instead of the topics themselves.





RECAP: In order to keep Miles’ mind away from drugs, his therapist suggests Miles find a way to keep himself occupied. Despite Tristan’s skepticism Miles offers to help with the Snow Ball, but Miles instantly because distracted when Esme seems to be in trouble. She leads him to believe she hurt herself because of him, so he feels obligated to help her. He soon realizes she faked a suicide attempt and he demands she stay away from him. At home, he tells his mom that he almost took drugs that day, but didn’t. He’s not sure he’s strong enough to overcome his addiction, but his mom finally gives him emotional support.

dnc109-2aThis plot is really, really great. While Miles’ brother is exhibiting the behavior of a sociopath, Esme’s character is more on the psychopathic track. We have Miles realizing he’s hit rock bottom and trying to battle his demons, but then Esme attempts to manipulate her way back into his life by once again playing on his emotions.

Esme is a dangerous, but fascinating character in her own right. She feels the need to manipulate others in order to keep them around because of whatever she’s going through, on top of the buttloads of medication she’s forced to take just to remain “normal.” I can’t wait for Degrassi delve deeper into her character, but as of right now Esme’s tactics are too toxic for someone like Miles to handle.

dnc109-2bMiles’ scene with his mother is beautiful. This day was hard for him. He almost relapsed, but he didn’t. Once again Eric Osborne paints a vivid scene of life as an addict, showing how difficult the road to recovery can be. We also see Mrs. Hollingsworth is trying to change as well, learning to become a more attentive parent instead of brushing him off. “You made it through today and I’m proud,” she tells him. Those seldom-used words could be what help him make it through tomorrow.





RECAP: Frankie had a sexy dream about Jonah! She searches for information about him online, but can’t find anything because he doesn’t really use social media. Lola and Shay put it in Frankie’s mind that people who aren’t online have secrets to hide, so she confronts him. She’s upset he hasn’t tried to contact her since their kiss and is convinced he must be keeping secrets from her. Later, she ends up accepting Winston’s invitation to the Snow Ball.

dnc109-3aAs wishy washy as Frankie’s been, that’s exactly what makes this storyline so frustratingly real for me. Frankie’s been pulled in two separate directions for quite some time now. In #TeamFollowBack she found her feelings fading for Winston because trying to move past how their relationship ended was too hard. Now she’s trending back toward Winston, a safe zone, because the uncertainty of where Jonah stands is too hard.

What we’re seeing here is an all too familiar situation where someone’s too afraid to take a risk and go after what they really want, so they just settle for the easiest option instead.


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  1. If Frankie wants to move forward she needs NOT to jump into another relationship so darn quickly. I am sorry, I just can’t with relationship jumpers.

    Esme is something else, wow. I wonder if she has narcissistic personality disorder.
    As for Hunter, I feel he’s been hiding his anger too long and I think thats why he games all the time. It calms him from his home life. I love to see how these 2 characters play out. Both actors are fantastic.

    I wonder if Frankie is suffering something in the home life. It seems she is ok on the surface but I feel she could fall into depression or end up being promiscuous to hide her true feelings, both are very realistic in women in abused homes. I love this season and I think Eric or Spencer will be nominated next year.



    1. Due to the compressed nature of both F2N and Netflix’s airing schedule, Frankie’s been single for about two months now? So it isn’t like she’s jumping the gun.



      1. Its my opinion


  2. I don’t get the point of Jonah this season. I liked him last season until Degrassi sort of abruptly ended his pot with Becky. Now he’s just sort of just there, yet the other characters react to him.



  3. The plot with Hunter bothers me. It portrays gamers as sexist and masogonistic. What the feminist club did was wrong. Hunter’s comment about muslims was wrong plus the whole “guys are just better at video games” thing but he was right to defend the club. And saying that they couldn’t have the club because there isn’t more than one girl? There are four people on the team!

    I hate that they only portrayed Hunter in a negative light and not the feminists and student council for canceling the club.



    1. Because the club didn’t harass the gamers, that’s why. But nice false equivalence.



      1. Hunter didn’t harass Maya until after the feminists got the club canceled. So that point is mute.

        Some of the trash-talking during the events wasn’t pleasant. But Hunter suggested no more headsets. The game in itself wasn’t that horrible. They show a clip, in the episode where they take over the bathroom, of a bunch of “male” characters defeating a “female” one. Yet they neglect to mention that games like that are about killing everyone. And the comment about not enough girls being on other school’s teams was ridiculous. Hunter’s comment about guys outright being better isn’t true but at those specific schools, specific guys were better than other specific guys and girls. It is not sexist.

        The problem I had was that they turned Hunter into an evil villain, completely side-stepping the fact that shutting down the club was wrong. Not everyone can do well in sports or be liked by peers in high school so I appreciated the role Hunter had at the beginning creating a place in the school where the gamers/nerds belonged. They shut down something for bad reasons.

        The other main problem I had was Goldi’s comment about how if you think everyone should be equal then you are a feminist. That is outright wrong. You can’t just give someone a label they don’t identify with. Feminism at the moment tends to turn all women into victims and ignore all sexism against men (I’m not categorizing all feminists as evil men-haters, I generally think most feminists are good people with the right intentions). I’m female (kinda). I believe in equal gender rights. But the way the wage-gap is over exaggerated annoys me and the way certain feminists catagorize all women as less-equal frustrates me. And some who argue that all gaming is sexist and all gamers are misogynistic is disgusting. Her statement is completely invalid and the show promoted that as the truth.


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