If it felt like every time you turned around Maya Matlin was singing, you’re not alone. But just how much singing did she do in Next Class Season 1?

13: the number of times one of Maya’s songs was used in a scene.


15: the number of times in which Maya and Jonah were in the same scene together.



OKAY Zig I got you, damn! Here are the scenes where Zig was emotionally distressed over his relationship with Maya for whatever reason in Next Class Season 1:



How many times did the new characters appear in a scene?

Esme: 18
Yael: 15
Goldi: 20
Baaz: 14
Vijay: 18

And how many episodes did each character appear in?

10 episodes: Frankie, Grace, Maya, Winston, Zig
9 episodes: Jonah, Lola, Miles, Tiny, Tristan
8 episodes: Hunter, Shay, Zoë
7 episodes: Esme, Vijay
6 episodes: Yael
5 episodes: Baaz, Goldi

The first thing that jumps out is how involved some of the secondary characters were in this season (Winston and Tristan). Social connections are everything on Degrassi, and going into Next Class, I was concerned with how relevant these two characters would remain. Miles’ plot gave Winston a reason to always be around as the voice of reason, and as that plot started winding down the show started pulling Winston into a plot with Frankie. Making Tristan school president was a way to give him something to do on top of playing support for Zoë, as well as being caught up with Miles during the front and back-ends of the season.

Though Jonah appeared in a lot of episodes, his existence was probably the most strict out of any character near the top. When he appeared it was specifically him either doing something music related with Maya, or interacting solely with Frankie.

And while we often saw him hanging out in empty classrooms (even in Frankie’s dreams), Jonah’s also the only character who we never actually saw in class or taking part in intramurals.

Speaking of…

Only 15 scenes took place during the middle of a class period in season 1. These were composed primarily of Miles-related stuff in Mr. Mitchell’s Creative Writing, Frankie/Shay/Lola in Mrs. Lin’s Mandarin class and various juniors in Ms. Grell’s Digital Arts class.

An overwhelming majority of the show’s conversations take place at Degrassi right before/after class or during other on-campus activities, and out of those I’d say around 1/3 of those interactions happened in the hallways (here’s some of them):

8: the number of times a scene took place in a bathroom or locker room, none of which happened in the one episode that had an actual bathroom storyline.

And finally…there were several specific extras who frequently appeared in the background of scenes throughout season 1. However, I consider this extra to be the real MVP of Next Class because I loved seeing him pop up out of nowhere in his blue shirts.

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  1. This is why I don’t understand why Jonah went for Frankie, TBH I thought he liked Maya.
    All in all I liked this season, it was refreshing to see more input on the background characters that most fans missed.



    1. See, the thought that Jonah liked Maya that way never crossed my mind. I figured that the closeness of the characters was due to two things – 1. Zig needed something to feel insecure/threatened about with regards to his relationship with Maya, and 2. Jonah, being the only Grade 12 student among the cast, needed to form connections with characters apart from Frankie since the characters he was most closely associated with (Becky, and to some extent Drew, Jack, and Imogen) have all left the show.



  2. Rueben Carrion April 4, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    It was cool to see the character /actor who played “Harry” in the background in Next Class.



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