Degrassi Season 12 News

This page is no longer updated. Links to season 12 promo pics and episode reviews are below.

Season 12 Episode Titles

1201/1202: Come As You Are (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1203/1204: Walking On Broken Glass (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1205/1206: Got Your Money (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1207/1208: Say It Ain’t So (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1209/1210: Closer To Free (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1211/1212: Waterfalls (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1213/1214: Rusty Cage (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1215/1216: Never Ever (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1217/1218: Sabotage (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1219/1220: Scream (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1221/1222: Building A Mystery (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1223/1224: Doll Parts (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1225/1226: I Want It That Way (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1227/1228: Tonight, Tonight (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1229/1230: Lovefool (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1231/1232: Bitter Sweet Symphony (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1233/1234: Ray Of Light (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1235/1236: Karma Police (Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1237/1238: Zombie(Promo Pics | Episode Review)
1239/1240: The Time Of My Life (Promo Pics | Episode Review)


  1. The real Eli Goldsworthy November 2, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Can’t wait til tonight, tonight the 1 hour special.



  2. Kary, I decided to work on my critical analysis skills so I ranked Degrassi’s season premieres from best to worst. Here they are:
    1) Season 2
    2) Season 7
    3) Season 12
    4) Season 4
    5) Season 10
    6) Season 11
    7) Season 1
    8) Season 3
    9) Season 5
    10) Season 6
    11) Season 9
    12) Season 8

    NOTE: The first six on this list I thought were engaging but the second half of season premieres were terrible.

    Tell me what you think.



  3. im praying to god that there will be season 14 so i can finally audition and have my dream of acting on degrassi which i have wanted to do since i was 10 only if i had looked for the auditions last year than i could have its my dream to be on the show



  4. Degrassi is like my favorite show , I always daydream / dream about it & actully staring on it , it’s like it’s in my head.



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