This Fall finale contains three solid plots despite not “going there” like some expected.  Not only did each plot have multiple layers, but they were, for the most part, well executed.  The tendency for Degrassi to jump into “happy ending” mode is avoided in all three plots.  Even though as the episode concludes, we’re still left with questions and unfinished business that will be answered in future episode…and THAT IS OK!

ADAM PLOT SUMMARY: Adam’s having a good day: not only do WhisperHug make it into Battle of The Bands, a cute girl from one of the other bands named Missy gives him her phone number.  Adam wants to get over Becky, who is still trying to talk to him and sending him e-mails that he ignores, so he agrees to go out with Missy.  Because of what happened with Becky, Adam is hesitant to tell Missy that he’s transgender.  Before the date Adam gets help from Drew to prepare for the date, which includes receiving a cucumber to put down his pants (in order to simulate having a penis).  Adam and Missy go to a vintage clothing shop and while in the dressing room they make out.  When Adam’s cucumber falls out of his pants and Missy finds it, he runs out of the date embarrassed.  He’s forced to tell Missy that he’s transgender, and he’s surprised to find out Missy is okay with it.  The two chat for a bit, talking about what song WhisperHug will play at Battle of the Bands and plan to continue their date.  Adam runs into Becky during the date and she tells him that the therapy didn’t work, and she still has feelings for him.  However, Adam ignores her and walks away.

The next day Adam tells Becky he read her e-mail, and she confesses her love for him.  The only problem is she still wants to keep their relationship a secret from her parents…something Adam refuses to do.  At Battle of the Bands Missy’s band plays the song WhisperHug intended to play.  Realizing she stole their song and used Adam, he confronts Missy and punches one of her band members.  Bullfrog, the emcee for the event, witnesses it and disqualifies WhisperHug from the competition.  Wanting to change Bullfrog’s mind, Adam talks to Chaz Bono, one of the celebrity judges for the competition.  Adam tells him about the fight and his relationship troubles, and Chaz tells him that relationships are hard and to not hold Becky’s parents against her.  Chaz talks to Bullfrog and WhisperHug is allowed to perform under the condition that Adam isn’t allowed to perform with him.  Adam heads to Becky’s house to reconcile, and Becky’s dad catches them.  Becky stands up to her dad and professes her love for Adam.  We find out Becky and Adam walked out on Becky’s dad and head to Fiona’s loft.  The two are happy for the moment, and Adam receives even more good news when Drew asks him to be the best man at his upcoming wedding in Vegas.

We see two versions of Adam throughout this episode.  One version of him is resolute in avoiding the drama that is Becky Baker, even after tells him the therapy failed and she still has feelings for him.  Normally Becky’s love letter (aka the e-mail) would mean instant reconciliation.  But there’s a weird trend happening with some of the Degrassi characters…they take their time when it comes to second chances and romances, and have no time for getting their heart jerked around.  As Eli gave Clare an ultimatum before they got back together, Adam stuck to his guns and refused to get back with Becky after she insisted (again) they keep their relationship hidden from her parents.

The other version of Adam is something new because Adam has never been in this position before.  He quickly became enamored with Missy based not only on trying to get over Becky, but also because Missy was open to him being transgender.  The issue with bringing in a love interest out of the blue, especially when they have no connection to Degrassi, is that it’s hard to buy them and the Degrassi character together.  But Missy being a plot device works well here because she intertwines Adam’s love life and WhisperHug’s fate in the Battle of the Bands, almost causing disaster on both fronts.

I’m not a fan of celebrity cameos on Degrassi because of how useless the normally are.  Chaz Bono’s cameo is the first one I could get on board with, and the first one that makes sense.  Chaz didn’t give mind-blowing advice, but he gave an honest answer with no fluff.  Think of it this way:  what Chaz said to Adam carries far more weight coming from him than it does coming from Adam’s friends or family.

When it comes to Becky and Adam we have no choice but to roll with it, and even though they reconcile their future is still very much up in the air.  While it may be easy for Becky to let her heart override the beliefs that have been engrained in her brain, I still can’t imagine a scenario where her parents are okay with her relationship with Adam.


ZAYA PLOT SUMMARYTori is worried that Zig is into another girl because he’s been acting distant lately.  Maya tells Zig to stop acting weird with Tori, but he can’t let the fact that he and Maya kissed go.  Maya, Cam and Tori are having a study session and Zig suddenly shows up.  Zig tells Maya that he’s going to break up with Tori because of the feelings he has for her instead, but Maya insists that Zig not do that.  Maya’s worried that she will lose Cam if he finds out about her kissing Zig, so she tells him against the advice of Katie and he walks out on her.  Zig still intends on breaking up with Tori, and she overhears him and Maya talking about their kiss before storming out on them.  Later Cam talks to Maya and tells her that her kiss with Zig is in the past, and Maya assures him that she only wants to be with him.

I enjoyed watching how differently two characters handle their similar levels of guilt when it comes to the same situation.  It’s weird how it works that Maya doesn’t want Tori to know about the kiss with Zig because Maya wants to protect her, but she reaches a point where she tells Cam about it because she wants to protect their relationship in the long run.  Zig? He has no tact whatsoever. On one hand we can applaud him for wanting to break up with Tori instead of staying in a relationship he’s obviously already checked out of emotionally.  But he’s also 100% motivated by his feelings for a girl who has a boyfriend.  I was pleasantly surprised that Tori found out about Zaya so quickly.  This could’ve easily been dragged out for who knows how long.  However, the episode ends with a great cliffhanger: the statuses of Zori and Maya/Tori’s friendship are up in the air, and the possibilities of how Tori will handle them are wide open.


CLARE PLOT SUMMARYClare and Eli are studying in her bedroom when Helen walks in to announce that it’s time for Eli to leave (he’s only allowed to stay until 8pm).  Afterward Clare notices that Jake gets to have Katie over for as long as he wants.  She’s upset at this double standard and devises a plan where Jake invites Eli over as his guest so that Eli can stay over longer while Glen and Helen are away.  However, the plan is a bust when Helen has a change of plans and takes Clare with her to a crafts fair.  When they return Clare finds Jake and Eli are high again, and she tells Eli to hide in her bedroom.  She heads to her room and finds Eli shirtless, and Helen walks in on them.  As Eli leaves she’s furious, and also finds a bag of weed on Clare’s bed.  She assumes it’s Eli’s and tells Clare he’s banned from ever coming over again, but Clare rats on Jake, telling Helen the weed is really his.

Clare is shocked to find out Jake wasn’t punished for smoking weed, and calls a family meeting.  She talks about how she feels it’s unfair that Jake gets to live by a less-strict set of rules, and Helen agrees.  Helen and Glen start arguing (Helen thinks Glen is too easy on Jake, and Glen thinks Helen is too uptight), and in the midst of it all Clare takes the keys to the truck and leaves.  Clare picks up Eli and they end up at the Battle of the Bands.  While chatting Helen calls, and tells Clare that from now on Eli is allowed to stay over until 10pm instead of 8pm.

Clare brings up a legitimate concern with the double standard of Jake being able to have Katie over much longer than she can have Eli over.  It starts pointing to the bigger double standards involving teen boys and girls and sex (or the perception of sex), but the introduction of weed as well as Glen and Helen but a weird spin on it.  High Eli and Jake return and are entertaining, but it’s hard to side with Clare’s demands for having Eli over longer after he’s caught with weed at their house.  What else is Helen supposed to think?

For some reason I’m put off by the abrupt ending, in which a phone call later leads Clare to have increased Eli privileges…and the fact that Glen must’ve magically convinced Helen that teenagers smoking weed is no big deal.  But it’s hard to overlook the spat Glen and Helen had before Clare took the truck.  Is there deeper turmoil within this couple that we don’t know about?  Certainly the door has been opened for future drama on top of one of the show’s most requested items: Eclare sexy time.


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Posted by Kary


  1. Well, I’m a healthy scratch tonight, but I’ll be playing tomorrow. And I already know who I have to fight.

    Anyway, as far as Adam and Becky are concerned, it’s likely that the Baker brutes are going to get into Becky’s head again, and I’ll be surprised if there isn’t another frantic panic episode for Becky, convincing herself for how wrong she is to have feelings for Adam.

    Clare/Eli/Jake: I enjoyed it, but I don’t have enough emotions to care enough.

    Now here we go… Maya/Cam/Zig/Tori. Love them all but hated the stupid snogging in the tent. Say what you will, Zig likes Maya because they actually have things in common. Tori is just bland to me. She lacks something, not sure what though.

    And my Lord! Cam speaking French is like hearing angels sing about the coming of a new day, while doves fly from the heavens and gracefully spread their wings in the morning sunlight.

    What will come next for our beloved Degrassians? Only time will tell.

    “Time, why you punish me?”



  2. Wait, did they air both part 1 and 2 last night? I live in Sweden and watch the episodes online and there it says that part 2 will air next friday on November 30…Which episode airs on friday :p



    1. Both parts aired on Tuesday the 20th on TeenNick (America), and both parts aired on Friday the 23rd on MuchMusic (Canada)



  3. I like all 3 stories but one thing has been bothering me and that was Helen about Eli. If I was in that situation my mother would have tore me a new one. And I’m very surprised that Helen is still letting Clare date Eli. On another note I was kind of shocked how quickly Glen & Helens conversation about double standards turned into a fight. These are thing that parents should discuss before jumping into marriage.



  4. As much as I love the fact that Adam has a good relationship, I’m very disappointed that they fixed it so quickly. We should have seen Becky in therapy. I wish we would have seen Becky’s turmoil from her perspective, not just Adam’s. I’ll just have to wait and hope that eventually they’ll delve into it. Repairitive therapy is a is deal that does happen to people; a friend of mine was forced to go to it after she came out to her parents, and I wish it would have been more than a tiny obstacle for Beckdam.



    1. I honestly love Beckdam, and I really wished they would’ve shown the repairitive therapy with Becky. Although it seems like they put her through a more… minor version of it (not that there is anything minor about it, I just mean in terms to the one where parents send their children to institutions where drugs are forced into them along with shock therapy), it is no less an interesting and serious topic that I still hope for Degrassi to touch. I highly doubt Becky’s parents will let her quit the therapy, in fact, this may make them more determined to put her through it, so here’s to hoping they’ll do more with Becky and her story come the next block of episodes.



  5. hearditthroughthegrapevine November 26, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    I may be in the minority here, but this episode was kind of underwhelming for me. Not that I didn’t enjoy it overall, it just felt like something was missing. The resolutions, although not completely wrapped in a bow, don’t leave me where I feel like I can’t wait till new Degrassi.

    Echoing everyone else’s sentiments, I really wish we could have seen Becky go through reparative therapy. Not only would it delve deeper into her character, but it is an important issue to tackle. I really hope that at the very least, we flashback to what she went through.

    I know I couldn’t be the only one shouting “No!” at my tv when Missy asked Adam what song they were doing for Battle of the Bands. I was really hoping that she would be the first normal relationship for Adam. Chaz Bono’s appearance was well done, and I’m glad that they didn’t try to force him into more of the episode. Like you said, Kary, nothing he said was groundbreaking, but it definitely had more weight because it was coming from someone who had been there.

    The niners did manage to breathe some fresh air into the normal relationship drama that crowds the Degrassi halls. I feel like there hasn’t been a good love polygon in a while, and the way that it ties up an entire group of friends is interesting. I would love to see Tristan getting caught in the crossfire in the future.

    The only thing I found even remotely interesting about the Eclare plot was the underlying tensions between Helen and Glen. It seems like differences in parenting styles are only the surface of their problems and I hope we get to see an adult relationship that struggles. Other than that, I understand Helen has always been an overprotective parent, but the 8 pm curfew seems unreasonable to me, especially when it appeared to be nonexistent in earlier episodes. Also Helen’s flipping the switch so drastically and quickly wasn’t believable to me.

    Overall, this episode was satisfying, but it didn’t feel like a finale to me. I feel like they didn’t want too much going on before the spring break special, but I would have liked some more movement from all the characters.



    1. We’ve seen the curfew before, but only when Clare broke it to go out with Eli to avoid the whole talk about the divorce back in Season 10. I figure that the curfew is one of those ‘rules with exceptions’ that Clare can stay out later if she asks first, but overall Helen wants Clare on a short leash (which historically makes sense with where Darcy’s various plots took her).

      I figured Glen and Helen had different rules for their kids, but the extremes shown in the ep felt like they needed more groundwork in previous plots. Granted, we couldn’t have them because Clare had a longstanding plotline in part 1 which didn’t leave room for more stuff to it. Jake meanwhile seemed blissfully oblivious to Clare’s tighter leash, making it hard to put into any of his (very limited) plotlines.



    2. Ageed! Especially with Helen, If I had a boy half naked in my room my mom would have a blown a gasket too and I would never be able to see that boy again. Its one thing to change Clare’s curfew but I’m surprised she let Clare date Eli again because of the pot. Unless Clare’s mom doesn’t know she was with Eli?? We wont know until Febuary :(



  6. I liked that, once again, we had an ep centered around an event (Battle of the Bands) and all the plots lead into that one space. Even the set-up for the Spring Break plot was worked into it.

    I also want to see more use of the Band as an avenue for new character interactions. Barring Mo, who seems far too serious to casually pal around with a bunch of younger kids (and we saw him side against Imogen at the drop of a hat over Marisol). The others seem to have at least some level of friendship between them. Which would be great to run for new plots.

    Especially if Zaya have a falling out with Tris and Tori.



    1. Oh! The other thing I thought this episode did well. We had three plots with three different sibling dynamics, and they ALL WORKED.

      Drew and Adam, finally, getting some time together. Using Drew’s largely left alone ‘ladies man’ talents to help his baby brother on a date. Seeing him try to be supportive, but in a way that lead to more problems than it helped. WHICH IS FINE, Siblings do that.

      Maya and Katie having a brief simple interaction in Part 1, which was something anyone with siblings knows, and then a good bit of caring sib advice in Part 2. They do a good job of switching between Maya and Katie care for each other, and Maya and Katie wish the other never existed.

      Clare and Jake have grown into a simple allied nations stance, where they work together when it suits them… but jab each other with sticks when there’s no reason to.
      “Make me a sock monkey.”



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