MTV Canada has scheduled a slew of marathons for the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s.  The network will be airing a Degrassi Season 13 marathon on Thursday, December 26th starting at 3pm EST.  Here’s the current broadcast schedule for the marathon:

3pm: The Time of My Life (Season 12 Finale)
4pm: Summertime
5pm: All I Wanna Do
5:30pm: My Own Worst Enemy
6pm: About A Girl
6:30pm: Cannonball
7pm: Honey
7:30pm: Young Forever
8pm: This Is How We Do It
8:30pm: You Got Me
9pm: You Oughta Know
9:30pm: Everything You’ve Done Wrong
10pm: Who Do You Think You Are
10:30pm: Barely Breathing
11pm: Black Or White
11:30pm: Spiderwebs

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