Information is slowly trickling in for Degrassi’s upcoming winter block (aka 13C).  It’s already been confirmed that Degrassi is returning in January 2014, but the official premiere date has yet to be released.

However, MTV Canada has laid out its projected plans for season 13’s third block.  As of right now, the show will remain on Thursdays in the 9pm timeslot.  13C will compose of 14 episodes, six more than what was aired during 13A and 13B.


Here’s the episodes that will air during 13C:

1319: TBA
1321: No Surprises
: Basket Case
1323: Unbelievable
: Sad But True
1325: What It’s Like
1327: Army of Me
1329: TBA
1330: TBA

We know at some point more “hour-long” episodes will run, but assuming only one episode is aired a week, 13C should run until sometime in April.  And with all of that, we will STILL have 10 episodes left headed into late April/May/Early Summer before season 14 (**fingers crossed for a bunch of hour-long episodes at the end of the season, or a short 2-week telenovela event**).

Posted by Kary


  1. This is a very surprising roll-out schedule. It almost appears that they are breaking from the A, B, C Block timeline that they’ve used in years past. I am still left wondering why the show deviated from the format they had used in previous years, especially considering the success the telenovela had gotten for them on Teenick. Oh well, at least it appears that the show will be stretched evenly through the spring and hopefully end in the summer with some extras that haven’t been announced.



    1. I agree. That’s why Season 13 is mostly inconsistent because its’ issues result in having 30-minute episodes each week as opposed to having part one and part two episodes. Also, I laughed at the fact that Stefan Brogren tweeted that he wanted a Degrassi spin-off. Seriously? This show is flat-lining right now so you probably should focus more on making sure their next season, if there is one, is better and improved because this current season is giving Season 8 a run for its money. But you know what they say: those who don’t learn from their mistakes are destined to repeat them. Shame on you, Degrassi execs and writers. This is supposed to be the most realistic high school drama and so far most of what you’ve given us is bland, and amateurish-type material.



      1. Here’s the thing. DeGrassi has survived a long time because nobody else does anything like it. There’s been a few that tried, but they haven’t stood the test of time. Currently, is there any other show that is even slightly similar? All I can think of is MTV’s Awkward. But Awkward is more comedy and it also uses a higher production value than Degrassi. Other than that I can’t think of anything close.

        No competition means that they don’t have to be real innovative. All they have to do is keep getting renewed every year. Your right in thinking that the product they’ve produced this year has been pretty weak. But, they just got on board with MTV Canada and that is a multi year deal. Some form of DeGrassi is going to be around for a while longer regardless of what they do.

        Rather sad in a way. I thought for a while that they were using this year to try some new things and seeing what worked, but I’m not so sure anymore. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this series goes down. I’m hoping they’ve saved the best for last!


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