Eli: Dorm Life Webisode #2

Eli: Dorm Life Webisode #1

Posted by Kary


  1. I witness a Eclare parallel with Lenore & Eli. About the kiss.. BTW how do clothes come off during a kiss, no wonder Lenore was upset. They way she said “just a kiss”. I would have thought the the same that he likes me.. Eli made it seem like she was psycho but in reality she’s angry and hurt.. Sounds like what happened in ‘Still Fighting it’. I think there is more to Lenore & Eli than fans think. I think they will happen in the next webisode or the last one. I think Eli & Clare are drifting but we have to wait for 13C.



    1. I kind of agree. I’ll also be kind of disappointed if that kiss with Clare/Drew dosen’t come up again. I’m guessing they set that up to make Clare “almost as bad” as Eli for not telling him immediately.



      1. There is a lot of open holes in this relationship. Way to many secrets.. Was that kiss between Lenore & Eli a mistake, he is the one who kissed her.. Also with Clare and Drew, Clare kissed him too and kept that to herself. Another question is Lenore really moving out? I bet she’s not. I think Eli is fooling himself. The same goes towards Clare. All what Eclare have right now is just history.


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