Degrassi Power Rankings: 1402

This week everyone moved up or down on the list except for Jack and Jenna, who are still sitting at the very bottom.  Miles clearly takes the top spot this week, and for now it’s looking like he and Zoë will be hovering around the top for a while. I was super excited to see Dallas [...]
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Degrassi’s The Principal’s Office: 1402

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Degrassi Recap: Wise Up (1402)

Can’t We All Just Get Along? In 1401, Miles talked to a reporter about his father.  In this episode, we learn the reporter then published an article claiming Mr. Hollingsworth is a homophobe who hates his own son.  Instead of yelling at Miles, Mr. Hollingsworth decides Miles should skip school and the two hit up [...]
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Degrassi Promos 1403: If You Could Only See

If You Could Only See airs on Tuesday, November 11th at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada. Frankie thinks it’s unfair that girls are expected to show their bodies to men with nothing in return. This gives Zoë the perfect fundraising idea. Maya doesn’t want to remain silent when she knows one of her [...]
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Degrassi’s The Principal’s Office: 1401


Degrassi Power Rankings: 1401

As you’ll notice below, only a little over half of the 20 ranked characters moved up or down in the rankings.  A lot of fluctuation should happen every week in the top 10. Not every character is going to move every week and that in itself isn’t a bad thing…it becomes a concern for any [...]
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Degrassi Recap: Smells Like Teen Spirit (1401)

This has been the longest school year ever. Season 14 is unique in that it’s a direct continuation of the events from season 13.  There is no significant reset, though the students are returning from spring break.  Season 13 got off to a horrendous start and that left a very bad taste in the mouth [...]
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Degrassi Promos: 1402 (Wise Up)

Wise Up airs on Tuesday, November 4th at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada.  MTV’s Promo – - TeenNick :15 Promo – Drew/Becky – TeenNick :15 Promo – Miles – -

The Degrassi Power Rankings: Preseason Ranks

So I’ve reached a point in life I expected would happen eventually:  the point where I’m too busy to write up weekly episodes reviews. It’s kinda disappointing, because I’ve been doing episode reviews since halfway during season 8.  Hell, over the years media outlets have never bothered to consistently write up the most simple of [...]
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Degrassi Promos 10/21/14

Several Degrassi promos have popped up here and there over the past day or so, on youtube as well as tumblr.  Check em below: NEXT TUESDAY ON DEGRASSI: 3-MINUTE SNEAK PEEK OF NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: – Life Can Change: Clare/Drew/Eli – Generic 14A: This Season – Generic 14A: Degrassi Is… —>  


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