TeenNick Re-Airing Degrassi Season 13 This Week

Yeah, yeah, I know everybody except for myself and maybe two other people didn’t hate every aspect of season 13.  Regardless, I’m a big fan of watching reruns because of how rarely they happen during normal hours. TeenNick is currently airing an hour of season 13 episodes every night at 11pm EST.  As of now […]
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Stephen Stohn On Degrassi’s Future: ‘Netflix allows us to go there.’

With the announcement of Degrassi moving to Netflix and Family Channel in 2016, there’s also been some concern within the fanbase about how Family Channel’s current branding will affect Degrassi’s ability to tell stories.  I’ve been saying for years that Degrassi is a fish out of water on TeenNick; just look at the rest of […]
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Degrassi Promo 6/9/15 (TeenNick)

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MTV Canada Not Planning Parking Lot Party This Year

With the end of Degrassi at Bell Media comes the end of an era in their parking lot in downtown Toronto.  MTV Canada’s twitter account announced there will be no parking lot party held for any of Degrassi season 14’s final episodes:   The news is disappointing, but not shocking given the sheer amount of […]
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Degrassi is officially preparing to reboot itself again as it’s been announced the show is moving to Netflix in early 2016. According to a press release, “The deal will see Netflix become the worldwide home for Degrassi: Next Class, excluding Canada, Australia and France, where the series will appear on Netflix at later dates.” The […]
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Kevin Smith Confirms Degrassi Season 15 Is Happening

If you’ve read my blog post about Degrassi’s cancellation on TeenNick and MTV Canada, then you already know season 15 is happening.  In the endless sea of entertainment articles that were written by people who either don’t watch Degrassi or don’t know what the hell is going on behind the scenes, Entertainment Weekly was the […]
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– Degrassi’s social media accounts have been silent since Thursday’s news about TeenNick and MTV no longer airing Degrassi, and I’m assuming it’ll stay pretty quiet until an official announcement about the show’s broadcast future is made.  However, the digital team dropped a video about the history of the franchise currently in its 35th year.  A couple of 14B […]
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BREAKING: TeenNick Cancels Degrassi After Season 14

FINAL UPDATE: Netflix (worldwide) and Family Channel (Canada) have picked up Degrassi for season 15. Details can be found here: http://degrassiblog.com/2015/06/09/breaking-degrassi-signs-with-netflix-family-channel/ —— UPDATE #11, 6/6/15 (10:03pm EST): How long do you think it’ll take the media to learn Degrassi’s still preparing for season 15? ———- UPDATE #10, 6/6/15 (6:35pm): Here’s your first look at Degrassi […]
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Degrassi TV: Tech & Social Media Etiquette

– Society as a whole is plugged in digitally now more than ever, but not much has changed in terms of the types of people inhabiting the online universe.  Social media dominates web, but back when I was a teenager and in college message boards and chat apps (AOL Instant Messenger) were where it’s at. […]
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TeenNick Promo: Summer of You (Degrassi Clips Included)

– While the return date for Degrassi 14B hasn’t been officially announced (as of now it’s July 20th), TeenNick has begun its summer promo campaign.  This all feels so weird because the network has become so mundane with its repetitive programming there’s almost no reason to watch it, except for when Degrassi or Friday Night […]
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