Degrassi Recap 1407: I’ll Be Missing You

Zoë’s Birthday Blackmail It’s Zoë’s birthday, and she receives a mysterious package from a stranger:  a doll programmed to say “I know about Degrassi nudes.”  Not knowing who it’s from, Zoë becomes paranoid.  She also ends up receiving a text message from a blocked number saying they’ll reveal the Degrassi Nudes scheme publicly unless Zoë […]
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Degrassi Power Rankings: 1406

1) Frankie Hollingsworth (Last Week: #1) I’m loving how organic the interaction between the Hollingsworth siblings has become.  There’s bickering and tension, but at the end of the day we see Frankie showing love for her awkward brother by helping open the door for him to interact with his crush, Arlene. 2) Maya Matlin  (#8) […]
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Degrassi Recap 1406: [You Drive Me] Crazy

Maya’s Meltdown Maya’s finds herself losing sleep and stressed out because she keeps having a recurring dream about Miles jumping off the balcony at Degrassi.  In order to take her mind off things she volunteers to organize the music for the cheerleading squad’s performance, but she still finds herself thinking about Miles.  Grace and Zig […]
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Degrassi Promos: I’ll Be Missing You (1407)

I’ll Be Missing You airs on Tuesday, December 2nd at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV Canada. ********** Zoë receives threatening texts from an unknown number about her fundraising activities. Worried about Miles, Tristan checks in on him and realizes that he has a vice that needs to be kicked. Alli is accepted to Cambridge […]
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Addressing The Andre Kim Situation

WARNING: This post contains graphic language, because there’s no point in sugar coating anything in regards to this subject. 2014 seems to be the year of scandals popping up out of nowhere for public figures, and we learned Degrassi isn’t immune to this after what went down yesterday. A master post on tumblr (which can […]
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Degrassi Power Rankings: 1405

1) Frankie Hollingsworth (Last Week: #4) It takes guts to do the right thing when everyone around you is doing the opposite.  Frankie did just that, and that’s why she’s now #1 in the rankings.  There’s going to be a lot of competition throughout this season for the top 3 spots, and Frankie could easily […]
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Degrassi News 11/30/14: No Holiday Hiatus For Degrassi?

Are the networks trying something new with Degrassi this holiday season? Though none of them have made an official announcement, signs point to Degrassi running new episodes through December 30th.  Yes, that means we’d be getting new Degrassi the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s. The rule of thumb for most of Degrassi’s seasons has […]
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Degrassi Behind The Scenes: #SpinnerOnDegrassi

- I’ve been a fan of TeenNick’s usage of live hashtags this season during episodes of Degrassi. Some are a clear miss, but it only takes one good one to generate an instant web hit.  #SpinnerOnDegrassi became a trending topic in the U.S. and worldwide on Twitter, and remained trending for at least a solid […]
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Degrassi’s The Principal’s Office: 1405

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Degrassi Recap: There’s Your Trouble (1405)

Becky’s Revelation Becky’s brother Luke writes her a letter and wants her to come visit him at the juvenile detention center.  Becky doesn’t want to and dodges her moms pleas by saying she has band practice.  The “band” she’s a part of is called Prodigal Spoon, but Becky isn’t a part of it yet;  she […]
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