Top Fifteen Degrassi Moments (Degrassi Junior High)

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Since it’s a year since I started this little blog, why don’t I do a top fifteen of the most memorable moments in Degrassi history? Because a top ten wouldn’t be enough. I think in the future I’ll also do a top ten shittiest moments. But I have…

Degrassi Webisode: Champagne Supernova Pt. 5 (Tristan)

MTV.CA Link: – Miles and Zig find Tristan to find out why he posted the video of them acting like fools.  You can vote on which character you think has the key here: – -

Degrassi Q&A 2/21/15: S14 Storylines, DBT Characters, Hated Ships

The Hollingsworth Rabbit Hole How far do you think they’re going to take the Hollingsworth kids’ storyline? Also do you think Yates is going to come back at all? – Cyanoticfallacy – The Hollingsworth stuff is kind of difficult to answer because at this point I don’t really know where they plan to go with […]
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Degrassi Webisode: Champagne Supernova Pt. 4 (The Video)

In Part 4 of Champagne Supernova, Zig and Miles finally watch the drunken video they made and receive a clue as to who posted it.  The video itself is humorous, and because I think about everything through Degrassi lenses, it of course reminds me of a classic moment from season 3. CANADIAN LINK: ********* […]
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Degrassi: Music from Season 14, Vol. 1 Now Available

Degrassi has released 13 songs from Degrassi 14A on iTunes, including the duet Becky and Jonah sang in “Hush” called Bring Back The Light.  You can purchase individual songs for 99 cents, or the entire album for $9.99. – Some Degrassi Throwback stuff for you: *Abby Ho interviewed Degrassi’s then Music Supervisor back in […]
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Degrassi Webisode: Champagne Supernova Pt. 3 (Lola)

REMINDER: the webisodes are being posted on MTV Canada’s website on Tuesday nights, and then the international version is posted on Degrassi’s youtube channel on Wednesdays. —-> International Version – -

Degrassi Q&A 2/8/15 (Eli’s Reaction, Open Heart Reviews?)

What did you think of Eli’s reaction to finding out he is the father in Firestarter Part 2? We know that Clare didn’t forgive him or take him back. – Degrassi Parodies I think Eli reacted the way that I expected for him to react once he found out the baby was his.  I knew […]
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Degrassi Webisode: Champagne Supernova Pt. 1 & 2

NOTE: MTV released the first two webisodes on Tuesday night, but they’re geoblocked for American fans (unless you’re smart enough to know how to work around it). I’m sure someone will post copies of the minis on tumblr or something, but Degrassi plans to post the webisodes on their youtube channel on Wednesday, February 4th. […]
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Degrassi Premieres New Webisode Series TODAY

MTV Canada announced that they’re debuting a 10-episode block of Degrassi webisodes starting today.  The description for the series, “Champagne Supernova,” is as follows: ********** The series follows ‘Degrassi’ fan favourites, Zig and Miles, after they wake-up hungover and confused to find they’ve been handcuffed together. Neither Zig nor Miles have a clue what happened the […]
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Degrassi Q&A 1/27/15

(Edit: Posting this on the 28th b/c I forgot to post it on the 27th) During the hiatus feel free to send me questions about Degrassi either on here or over on tumblr and I’ll try to answer them.  They don’t even need to be about the current season of the show…it could be about […]
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