Alternate Descriptions For Degrassi’s Newest Characters (S14)

They don’t really add much, but here are the descriptions for the new characters TeenNick released (as well as links to the new cast on twitter).  I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but with the addition of the new characters a solid 1/3 of the cast is made up of minorities. Lola Pacini (Amanda [...]
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Degrassi HQ Promo Pics: Smells Like Teen Spirit

I posted smaller versions of these pics in my post about the season 14 premiere date, but here are super hi-res versions for the edit makers out there. All of these pics from episode 1401, Smells Like Teen Spirit. ********** In the Season 14 premiere of DEGRASSI, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Tuesday, Oct. 28 at [...]
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Degrassi Season 14 Gallery Photos

This is place where you’ll find gallery photos for season 14 of Degrassi.  There may be varying sizes of photos, so they’re broken down to standard size and HQ size below.  Click on the photos below to see their full versions. Make sure to return to this page because I’ll be updating it throughout the [...]
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Degrassi Season 14 Premieres Tuesday, October 28th

The rumor for months is that Degrassi would return on Tuesday, October 7th, but now it’s official that Degrassi is returning on Tuesday, October 28th.  I know a lot of people were convinced Degrassi would air on the 7th even with the music video promo airing tomorrow, so for future reference keep this reminder in [...]
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Previewing TeenNick’s Degrassi Season 14 Promo

This is going to be a very active week in Degrassiland.  Over the past several days TeenNick has been teasing the music video promo which will be released tomorrow. UPDATE 9/29/14, 3:35pm EST It’s been confirmed TeenNick’s promo will air on TV at 9pm EST Tuesday. Also, Season 14 will premiere on Tuesday, October 28th.  [...]
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Degrassi Debate: Drianca’s Breakup In Season 13

*********** I’m really enjoying these debates. It would be cool if you talked about the “Drianca” breakup and how the writers handled that. (Poorly, in my opinion) -Kasper *********** With the Drianca breakup episode I remember giving it a good grade because I took a very narrow approach in my analysis.  To summarize, I looked [...]
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Degrassi Season 14 Music Video Coming September 30th

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 30, as TeenNick revealed they’ll be releasing the season 14 music video promo in a week. About that #DegrassiMusicVideo… #OneWeek — Degrassi on TeenNick (@degrassinsider) September 23, 2014 – I know the supposed season 14 premiere date that’s floating around is October 7th, but in my head that [...]
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VIDEO: Degrassi Season 13 Blooper Reel

No clue yet when Degrassi season 13 will come out on DVD, but Degrassi’s gone ahead and released a season 13 blooper reel. – -

Degrassi Debate: The Death Of Adam Torres

When thinking about season 13, my feelings on the season can be briefly summarized by rating each individual block.  13A was disappointing.  13B was an improvement over 13A.  13C and 13D were on point.  I think 13A left such a bad taste in the mouths of some fans that it was difficult for them to [...]
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Degrassi Debate: Kary Is Biased (TNG vs Season 13)

Today is my birthday.  I’m 31 now, and have no shame about still watching this cheesy teen soap opera known as Degrassi.  I’ve been watching it for over a decade now, so at this point I deserve to see how it ends! As I get older, I realize the way I watch a show like [...]
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