Degrassi Promos: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1 (1329)

Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1 will air on Tuesday, April 15th at 9pm on MTV and TeenNick. The dream role that Zoë finally lands hits too close to home after her assault.  Clare is in a pickle as she searches for a date to Wild Wild West night.  Miles’ top [...]
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Previewing Degrassi’s Everything Is Everything

Going into tonight’s episode, Everything Is Everything, I was wondering how you all would answer the following questions: 1) Do you think Bhandallas will finally happen tonight?  Would you be okay with it happening now? 2) Will Drew reciprocate [...]
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Degrassi News 4/4/14: Season 14 Episode Count Revealed?

As we all know Epitome Pictures is the production company that produces Degrassi.  Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn founded the company in 1995, but Linda has been head honcho of any companies producing the Degrassi franchise for well over 30 years (she [...]
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VIDEO: After Degrassi 4/1/14 (Aislinn & Cristine)

Aislinn Paul and Cristine Prosperi take over the hosting duties for this episode of After Degrassi. – -

Degrassi Episode Review: Army Of Me

Dallas Plot Recap: When a small explosion occurs at the mall, Dallas and Connor find themselves being racially profiled by police.  The cops have rounded up every black male around to question them, telling them they fit the description of the potential [...]
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Degrassi Promos: Everything Is Everything (1328)

Everything Is Everything airs on Tuesday, March 8th at 9pm EST on MTV Canada and TeenNick. TeenNick’s Promo: – MTV’s Promo (Coming Soon) – MTV’s Sneak Peek – -

Previewing Degrassi’s “Army Of Me”

Tonight’s episode of Degrassi will not contain any relationship drama. APRIL FOOLS!! Clare will try to set Drew up so it’ll keep them from getting too close, and keep her from acting on her crush.  I get what Clare’s going through.  I [...]
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Teenagers Web Series: Episode 8 (Video & Review)

- One has to wonder whether or not the kids in Teenagers share the same curse as the Degrassi kids, given how this finale plays out.  Maybe suffering through a perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances is a Canadian thing.  Either way, Episode 8 delivers [...]
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Degrassi 13C Finale Details (SPOILERS)

The other day I posted some episode descriptions for the final couple of episodes of 13C, and now it looks like there’s some conflicting information. Original descriptions posted 3/27 1329 – Sparks Will Fly: The dream role that Zoë finally lands [...]
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Degrassi News 3/27/14 – Season 13 AND 14 Info

  Degrassi Season 14 Is Officially Under Way With the beginning of April right around the corner, that means Epitome Pictures is preparing for yet another season of Degrassi.  Stephen Stohn tweeted today that they’re holding the first official [...]
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