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Degrassi Corner: Sadie’s Last Days On Earth, Munro In “Second Jen”

This episode of Degrassi Corner looks at a couple of Degrassian projects you need to check out: “Sadie’s Last Days On Earth” and “Second Jen.”

Teenagers Web Series: Episode 8 (Video & Review)

– One has to wonder whether or not the kids in Teenagers share the same curse as the Degrassi kids, given how this finale plays out.  Maybe suffering through a perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances […]

Teenagers Web Series Episode 7 (Video & Review)

– Teenagers has been a strong series overall, however, Episode 7 is more in line with my general thoughts on Episode 3.  Excluding a major moment of insight into the psyche of the show’s most-notorious […]

Teenagers Web Series Episode 6 (Video & Review)

– “Look…I think we should keep this on the DL…for your sake.” As Ash and Bree lie in bed together, presumably after having sex again, Ash tells Bree they should keep their relationship a secret […]

Teenagers Web Series Episode 5 (Video & Review)

– Excluding the physical beat down Jeremy and his boys give T, Episode 5 is a pretty quiet endeavor.  With recent events seeming to sink into the characters’ minds, this episode feels more like a […]

Teenagers Web Series Episode 4 (Video & Review)

– Teenagers delivers another solid episode as it hits the halfway point of this season.  Episode 4 relies on untold emotion and tension for the series’ two primary storylines as emotions run higher than ever.  […]

Teenagers Web Series Episode 3 (Video & Review)

– Teenagers has set a pretty high standard in its first two episodes for where this series is headed, and what it’s capable.  However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be plateaus along the way.  Episode […]

Teenagers Web Series Episode 2 (Video & Review)

– Episode 2 of Teenagers adds more layers to its crop of storylines, and it does so with success.  This episode has a longer run time than Episode 1; portions of that extra time is […]

Teenagers Web Series Episode 1 (Video & Review)

– The last time I watched a web series about teen angst, it was a British series titled LOL somewhere around 2009.  While that series revolved more around just one central character, new series “Teenagers” […]

Chloe Rose Previews Role In Teenagers Web Series

The “Teenagers” web series, which is scheduled to premiere on January 19th, released a brief interview with Chloe Rose who talks about her character Bree.  The video below also contains a short preview from one […]