teenagers103-1Teenagers has set a pretty high standard in its first two episodes for where this series is headed, and what it’s capable.  However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be plateaus along the way.  Episode #3 is a pretty generic episode, doing in most cases just enough to set up for future consequences.  That isn’t to say what happens in this episode isn’t important; it most definitely is.

The opening scene of the episode is just one fantastic ball of irony, where Ash receives his chlamydia diagnosis from the doctor.  “I like to lighten the mood, it gets kind of dark around here,” the doctor says, explaining the bright orange doll that sits on his desk.  Ash is fixated on the doll as if he’s subconsciously trying to avoid facing the doctor’s diagnosis, as well as the looming conversations that will be had in the future.

The biggest portion of irony comes in the doctor’s tone throughout the scene. “You wouldn’t believe the amount of kids your age that I get walking through here, so don’t sweat it,” he says.  He’s so dismissive that it’s as if having chlamydia is no big deal, contrary to the fear instilled in young people in regards to the dangers of STDs as a whole.  However, skip to the end of the episode and try saying it’s no big deal to a 17-year-old girl who found out secondhand that she guy she lost her virginity to has chlamydia.

teenagers103-3The storylines in between are on cruise control at the moment.  No real progress is made between T and Olive, who briefly exchange words before class is dismissed.  T is intrigued by Olive, so much that he’s working on a sketch of her in class.

Afterward T plans to return the book she dropped in Episode 2, but he can’t because Olive’s hanging out by her locker with her boyfriend Jeremy.  At home, T’s brother Ricky returns, this time aggressively asking T to hold onto a pound of weed for him for a couple of days. Things are setting up for T to receive the short end of the stick in multiple parts of his life, but again we’ll have to wait until another day for the fallout to begin.


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  1. Kary, another spot on review as usual. This episode also seemed the shortest running time as well. There were shots that fixated on someone that took time away from further content being put out there. No problem with that. Its just that I wish the running time could be 12 minutes instead of 7 and a half. ……I look forward to each episode and how it will end after the 8th one. Will it be a permanent rap up or do they have reason to bring the show back for more episodes? …….I think the new episodes are first put out Sunday, about 7 pm eastern/4 pm pacific time. So I will definitely skip the Super Bowl half time show and be 1 of the first to catch a new episode.



    1. The scene with T and Ryan was a bit excessive in how much dead space there was between the time they finished playing the game until they started talking about racial double standards. Those kind of long pauses worked well in episode 2, but kind of worked against them here. I never expect every single episode in any series to be a homerun, and I’m still excited for the upcoming episodes.

      I can’t remember where I read it, but someone referred to this as the first season so I don’t think they’ll completely wrap up everything by episode 8.



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