Episode 2 of Teenagers adds more layers to its crop of storylines, and it does so with success.  This episode has a longer run time than Episode 1; portions of that extra time is used for shots where characters effectively linger, using their eyes to communicate more than words could express.

teenagers102-1The first instance where the lengthy amount of lingering works is in regards to Bree and her post-coital self reflection.  Teenagers wastes no time having Bree jump into bed with Ash after having just met him. It’s not like she had plans to save herself for “the one” or anything, but it’s also slightly odd that a 17-year-old virgin who previously displayed such concern about her first time would dive in so quickly with a complete stranger.

Either way, the two get it on and as expected things get awkward afterward, with long pauses and Ash’s emotionless responses to Bree’s questions.  “How many girls have you fucked?” Bree asks.  Ash lies there for a second before replying, “…I have to think about it.”  It’s interesting to note Bree’s reaction to Ash’s “fuck and flee” tactic compared to the girl Ash slept with in Episode #1.  That girl saw Ash as a potential love interest whom she’d developed feelings for. Bree on the other hand cares less about him and more about how she is feeling in the moment, behavior that leaves Ash a bit taken aback as he leaves.  An interesting decision is made to have Bree show virtually no emotion throughout the entire scene, a move that becomes powerful as she examines her naked body in the mirror.  She seems neither embarrassed nor vulnerable, as she quietly reflects on what’s perceived as her feeling like she’s transitioning into womanhood.

teenagers102-2While the T/Olive/Jeremy triangle is only brushed over (T and Olive have a brief encounter after T witnesses Jeremy being aggressive toward Olive), a fascinating secondary plot is added to T’s story.

We see T hanging outside of his house with his friends Ash, Ryan (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) and Gabriel (Ray Ablack).  Things suddenly become quiet when T’s brother Ricky (Ronnie Rowe) walks up.  He says very little, but the look on his face and aggressive movement as he “jokingly” gets up in T’s face make him brilliantly intimidating.  Ricky inquires from T about whether or not their mother is home, then goes inside and steals a bottle of liquor.  “Should we do something?” Ash asks, breaking the silence, to which T shyly responds “No,” further showing the vast contrast in personality between T and his brother.  The group of friends who were laughing and joking around moments ago are all left fearfully avoiding eye contact with Ricky as this menacing character walks away.

Another plot is also added in this episode: Olive is hanging out with her friend Sara, unsure of what to do when it comes to Jeremy’s jealous behavior.  Olive says she loves him, but that statement seems full of uncertainty as well.  She gets up and fiddles around with some of her sexy clothing, putting on a faux fashion show for her friend.  Sara can only sit there staring longingly at Olive, who’s unaware that Sara clearly has romantic feelings for her.

teenagers102-3With only six episodes left in this first season, there’s still so much to look forward to.  What’s the history behind T and his brother? How will things pan out for Olive, who has three people pining over her?  What’s the symbolism behind Ash’s after-sex lollipops?

And of course there’s the bombshell at the end of the episode where Ash finally meets with Melissa, and discovers she has chlamydia.  She’s positive that he gave it to her…and we all know what that now means for Bree.


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  1. Excellent review. Keep’em coming. I hope this project leads to even bigger and better things for the cast.



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