Teenagers delivers another solid episode as it hits the halfway point of this season.  Episode 4 relies on untold emotion and tension for the series’ two primary storylines as emotions run higher than ever.  Right off the bat we see the multiple perspectives of the STD situation with Ash and Bree.  It’s public knowledge at school that Ash has chlamydia, with him receiving looks of ridicule and even being shunned by his friend Gabriel.  Bree on the other hand has told no one about her sexual encounter with Ash, and is hesitant to approach Ash in public for fear of committing social suicide.

teenagers104-1“You don’t ever have to talk to me again, it’s just…I actually care about you.”

One wonders how sincere Ash is when he says that to Bree, as the two meet for the first time since learning that Ash has chlamydia.  However, Bree immediately puts things into perspective by replying, “What, you don’t actually care about most of the girls you sleep with?”  Ash is a character who shows very little emotion, primarily reacting to any serious situation by remaining silent and avoiding eye contact.  He’s shown complete indifference toward the other girls we know he’s slept with, except for Bree.  Ash is genuine here, almost seeking approval from Bree through his remorse.  The future of their relationship is unclear, but Bree inviting Ash to go with her to the clinic to get tested signifies she’s at least willing to rely on him temporarily for emotional support.


teenagers104-2“Why can’t all guys be more like you, pizza boy?”

Things finally get going between T and Olive, who get a chance to connect in an empty corridor at school. Olive is upset once again due to relationship problems.  Though the specifics are unknown, we can assume it involves her boyfriend Jeremy’s anger issues.  Everything in T and Olive’s interaction is sincere, from T’s awkwardness (which Olive points out) to Olive’s attraction to T’s quiet, yet gentle soul.  Olive wants to get high to ease her mind, and T’s more than happy to oblige with the weed his brother gave to him in Episode 3.

Smoking weed isn’t necessarily the most ideal romantic scenario, but it slowly sets the scene for T and Olive’s increasing chemistry.  As T struggles to light the bong and nearly coughs up a lung after taking a hit, Olive finds T’s awkwardness and inexperience endearing.  Later it becomes something even greater; her eyes say it all while gazing upon T, who’s focused on his finger painting project.  Their chemistry is undeniable as the two become playful, rolling around as T tickles Olive.

teenagers104-3As they lie there staring into each other eyes I’m reminded of scenes of Olive in earlier episodes.  She’s obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, and fixated on defining “grown up” as being as glamorous and desirable as Marilyn was in the 1950’s.

Even with the limited interaction we’ve seen with Olive and her boyfriend Jeremy, her behavior suggests that she’s trying to become someone else in order to please him.  Here, in this moment with vulnerable moment with T, she can finally be herself.

The two share a steamy makeout session (and possibly more) before T leaves.  I can’t be alone in knowing trouble was literally right around the corner the instant I realized they were standing on Olive’s front doorstep.  The two share a couple of more kisses in plain view, unaware that Olive’s boyfriend Jeremy is watching from his car on the street.

This might’ve been a magical night for T and Olive, but neither are ready for the fallout Jeremy’s jealous rage will bring.


Posted by Kary


  1. Kary, I also thought this was the best episode so far. I can see why T and Olive won the contest of best couple on a web series last week. The pizza boy quote was my favorite line of the show. The finger painting flirtation was very fun and sexy. This episode sure blew away the mediocre Super Bowl yesterday.



  2. I was pretty impressed by T and Olive’s flirt session — shows usually have a LOT of trouble depicting those kinds of scenes realistically and comfortably.



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