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Degrassi News 9/19/13: Degrassi Switches Networks, Win A Degrassi Set Visit

As we all know, Degrassi is returning for an 8-week block this fall beginning on October 3rd.  For Canadian fans, you’ll be watching Degrassi on its new home. While the show will remain on TeenNick […]

Degrass Promo 9/10/13 (TeenNick)

Degrassi returns Thursday, October 3rd at 9pm EST (8pm EST in Canada).  Here’s the latest promo from TeenNick: – [UPDATE 9/12/13, 9:30pm EST]: An extended promo has been released: – –

Degrassi Readthrough 9/9/13

The Degrassi cast returned from its brief hiatus to take part in one of the final readthrough sessions of Season 13.  There are a couple of new faces at the table (between Demetrius and Lyle).  […]

RECAP: Degrassi Hangout with Sarah Fisher

– Sarah Fisher did a live chat with fans, answering various questions for a good 90 minutes.  You can watch the entire thing above.  Also, I’ve listed all of the questions below, with direct links […]

Random Thoughts About Degrassi 13A

It’s safe to say that as a whole Degrassi season 13 has been underwhelming so far.  It’s not because the summer telenovela format we’re used to was ditched.  Since the implementation of the telenovela, the […]

Degrassi Vine 107 – How To Piss Off Your Girlfriend

Thanks to everyone who has wasted several minutes of their time every week watching these Degrassi Vines.  This final episode of the summer comes from Melinda Shankar, who tells us about the ways to piss […]

Degrassi Returns October 2013 (TeenNick Promo)

Degrassi will resume season 13 this October, as summer break ends and the new school year begins.  Below is TeenNick’s promo: – –

Degrassi Episode Review: Young Forever

For all of commotion that the prior episode Honey caused, casting a dark cloud over the faith of many outraged Degrassi fans, things seemed to briefly spin around in Young Forever, which is clearly the […]

Degrassi Sneak Peeks: Young Forever

Below are the sneak peeks for the summer finale, “Young Forever.” NOTE: TeenNick’s link has the url label as episode 1309, “Creep,” but it is indeed the link to the Young Forever clip.  At least […]