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Degrassi News 8/16/13: Various Info After “Honey”

This is one of those “in case you missed it…” posts that includes some of the various Degrassi stuff that’s come out since “Honey” aired. Here is Linda Schuyler’s statement in regards to Degrassi’s decision […]

Degrassi Vine 106: Lyle Has To Pee Pee

It’s just a normal day on the set of Degrassi and Lyle has to pee. Will he make it there in time? Also, a bunch of Degrassi cast and crew get fired, and it’s all […]

Degrassi Promos: Young Forever

Young Forever is the season 13 summer block finale, which airs on Thursday, August 22nd. As summer comes to an end and Becky tries to understand the meaning behind an unexpected tragedy, she orchestrates an […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Honey

I’m having a difficult time describing my thoughts about the episode “Honey.”  As a whole (combining all three plots to create an episode), it’s a very awkward episode.  I’m not one of those people outraged […]

Degrassi Sneak Peeks: Honey

Both TeenNick and Much’s sneak peek are the same clip (the opening scene of the episode). TeenNick’s Sneak Peek: http://www.teennick.com/videos/clip/degrassi-honey-sneak-ewoigh20386.html MuchMusic’s Sneak Peek: http://blog.muchmusic.com/alli-dreads-going-home-on-the-next-episode-of-degrassi/ – –

Degrassi Vine 105: Kary Watches Carrie

I’ve been trollin the cast all summer, so Lyle and Olivia decided to hack and troll me. Curse them. – –

Degrassi Promos: Honey

1307 – Honey (Airs Thursday 8/15 at 8pm on MuchMusic | 9pm on TeenNick) Leo and Alli are starting to get really serious; Drew needs to visit camp for comfort; Maya puts an expensive dress […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Cannonball

After delivering a few episodes where one plot ends up carrying the entire episode, Degrassi gets back on track with a well-rounded entry in the diary of season 13’s summer block.  Adam’s plot continues to […]

Degrassi Sneak Peeks: Cannonball

If you haven’t checked out the previews for Thursday’s episode, Cannonball, the links are below. MuchMusic’s Sneak Peek: http://blog.muchmusic.com/maya-loses-tristan-in-paris-on-next-weeks-degrassi/ TeenNick’s Sneak Peek: http://www.teennick.com/videos/clip/degrassi-cannonball-clip-1.html?xid=tntw – –