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Degrassi Cast Promos 7/29/15

#MyDegrassiMoment: Charlotte Arnold – Degrassi Top 10 Quotable Moments: Munro Chambers – Degrassi Fan Love: Aislinn Paul – –

Degrassi Promo 1422: The Kids Aren’t Alright Pt. 2

The Kids Aren’t Alright Pt. 2 airs Thursday, July 30th on TeenNick and MTV Canada. –  

Degrassi Power Rankings: 1420

1) Clare Edwards (PREVIOUS RANK: #1) 2) Imogen Moreno (#4) Imogen has been fantastic in a support role, especially since her breakup with Jack. 3) Frankie Hollingsworth (#5) 4) Zig Novak (#2) 5) Eli Goldsworthy […]

Degrassi Recap 1420: Teen Age Riot

Zaya Parties Too Hard Maya wants to visit Zig’s new place, but he doesn’t want her to because seeing anything drug/gang related might drive Maya away.  Zig asks Vince and Tiny to stay away for […]

Degrassi Cast Promos 7/28/15

Degrassi Fan Love: Shane Kippel – #MyDegrassiMoment: Miriam McDonald – Degrassi Top 10 Embarrassing Moments: Miriam McDonald – –

Degrassi Promo 1421: The Kids Aren’t Alright Pt. 1

The Kids Aren’t Alright Pt. 1 airs Wednesday, July 29th on TeenNick and MTV Canada – Zig learns the truth behind some recent events, and now he’s an accomplice to a crime. With opening night […]

Degrassi Power Rankings: 1419

1) Clare Edwards (PREVIOUS RANK: #1) 2) Zig Novak (—) This was a quiet episode, making it pretty difficult to make any changes at the top.  I wanted to bump Zig down some (even his […]

Degrassi Recap: I Wanna Be Adored

The Best Ship is the Friendship Alli and Clare are in charge of organizing this year’s prom, but Clare’s very been distant lately.  Alli thinks Clare’s ready to move beyond their friendship and live a […]

Degrassi Cast Promos 7/27/15

Degrassi Top 10 Music Moments: Jake Epstein – Degrassi Fan Love: Luke Bilyk – –

Degrassi Promo 1420: Teen Age Riot

Teen Age Riot will air Tuesday, July 28th on TeenNick and MTV Canada. – Maya wants to visit Zig at his new place, but Zig is hesitant. With the sort of things his housemates are […]