1) Clare Edwards (PREVIOUS RANK: #1)

2) Imogen Moreno (#4)
Imogen has been fantastic in a support role, especially since her breakup with Jack.

3) Frankie Hollingsworth (#5)

4) Zig Novak (#2)

5) Eli Goldsworthy (#3)

6) Zoë Rivas ()

7) Tiny Bell (#9)

8) Becky Baker (#7)

9) Maya Matlin  (#8)
Can sense a change in Maya Matlin, and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

10) Grace Cardinal ()

11)  Hunter Hollingsworth (#12)

12) Alli Bhandari (#14)

13) Miles Hollingsworth (#11)

14) Lola Pacini (#13)

15) Jonah Haak ()

16) Tristan Milligan ()

17) Winston Chu (#19)

18) Connor DeLaurier (#21)
How Connor becomes Valedictorian is irrelevant to me…the only thing that matters is that it happens.

19) Mike Dallas (#17)

20) Jack (#18)

21) Arlene Takahashi (#20)

22) Jenna Middleton (#23)

23) Drew Torres (#19)

24) Shay Powers ()



Posted by Kary


  1. “How Connor becomes Valedictorian is irrelevant to me…the only thing that matters is that it happens.”

    I can’t say I agree with this. Connor deserves so much more. It’s also yet another example of their blatant Clare favoritism.

    I just want to know why. Why do the writers feel that Connor isn’t deserving of a storyline? Why do they play favorites and least favorites to such a ridiculous extent? If the writers would just address that, I would be a happy woman, LOL.



    1. The show has played favorites with characters for well over a decade now; it’s not like this is anything new, and people are generally only upset when the favoritism doesnt work in their favor.

      I’m a realist and chose a long time ago to accept Connor’s fate and be grateful for the opportunities he’s given, because spending all my time complaining about how little time he gets would take away from actually enjoying what time he is receiving.

      He’s receiving an honor only a handful of characters have ever received. They didnt have to give him this, but they did. At this point it makes no sense to sully that by turning it into yet another Clare rant. It only serves to make things once again about her, while Connor’s accomplishments are made to seem frivolous even by the fans who say they love him.

      Also, he and Jenna are practically going to be endgame, which is more than can be said about 99% of every couple to have existed on this show. Enjoy it!!!



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