Teen Age Riot will air Tuesday, July 28th on TeenNick and MTV Canada.

Maya wants to visit Zig at his new place, but Zig is hesitant. With the sort of things his housemates are involved in, anything could happen. Clare is nominated for valedictorian, something she’s been picturing since she first entered high school. Too bad something else has caught her attention. Seeing her nomination speech as an opportunity, Clare decides to shine a light on the questionable practices in the school, even if it means risking her own future. Frankie loves being in the musical, but she’s having some issues with her leading man. She’s finding it impossible to be professional, and the turbulence is ruining something that was supposed to be a good time.

Posted by Kary


  1. I wonder if Alli knows Clare & Eli are back together. I have no idea why she keep secrets from Alli? It makes me wonder if Clare is having doubts about Eli especially now that the baby died.



  2. They couldn’t just let Connor have this. They HAD to make it about Clare.



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