1) Clare Edwards (PREVIOUS RANK: #3)
This is the first time Clare Edwards has been at #1 (she’s never been higher than #3).  This is also the first time that neither Miles, Zoë, Frankie nor Maya have been #1 or #2 this season.  Her plot in this episode was too powerful for her not to be here.

2) Zig Novak ()

3) Eli Goldsworthy (#7)
Eli’s been in the middle of the pack for most of the season.  He was great in this episode.

4) Frankie Hollingsworth (#1)

5) Becky Baker (#4)

6) Imogen Moreno ()

7) Maya Matlin  (#5)

8) Zoë Rivas ()

9) Lola Pacini ()

10) Tiny King ()

11) Grace Cardinal (#12)

12)  Hunter Hollingsworth (#14)

13) Miles Hollingsworth (#11)

14) Jack (#13)

15) Jonah Haak ()

16) Alli Bhandari (–)

17) Mike Dallas ()

18) Tristan Milligan (

19) Drew Torres ()

20) Winston Chu (#17)

21) Arlene Takahashi (#24)
Word on the street is Arlene’s days at Degrassi are numbered.  Enjoy her while you can.

22) Connor DeLaurier (#24)

23) Jenna Middleton (#22)

24) Shay Powers (#21)




Posted by Kary


  1. kary, why do you say Arlene’s days are numbered? Why isn’t she returning.



    1. The actress was casted in another show



      1. Okay I hate to be that person, but friendly PSA to everyone here:
        It’s still cast in the the past tense. A weird verb, I know, but that’s how it goes.
        ex– The actress was cast in another show.


  2. I’m enjoying your Power Rankings this season. Just to nitpick though, I thought Tiny’s last name is Bell, not King? And Jack’s is Jones.



  3. And can you remind me who’s sticking around for season 15? Will Maya, Tristan, Zig, Miles, etc. still be around?



    1. Everyone but the seniors, Eli and (possibly Jack and Arlene)



      1. Ah, well, yes, I know that, it’s more a matter of knowing what the hell grade people are in (or they’ve decided people are in at this point).

        Why do you say no Jack?


  4. Boo, I love Arlene. It sucks that she might not be back. She was a breath of fresh air.



  5. I’m actually tired of the Producers, cast, Public Relations of Epitome romanticizing of unhealthy relationships on this show. For once I would have loved to see them dealing with emotional abuse because many teens don’t see it. To help these teens to learn clues when its happening. Even adults have a hard time recognise it.. Eclare, is the best example. And now they are doing this with Maya.. Why?? There is nothing romantic about it. I love Clare and Maya I want these girls to be stronger when it comes to problematic guys. Not just giving in every time a cute guy to gaslight them with grand gestures then 2 weeks later treat them like crap ( cycled issues ) I want to them to say ENOUGH!! I am done.



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