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DegrassiBlog’s Kary Named Host Of Web Series “Degrassi Extra,” During Degrassi’s 7-Week Summer Event

So lately I’ve been asked a lot if I’m going to do videos for Now or Never like I did during The Boiling Point last year, and I’ve been reluctant to commit because these vids take quite a while to […]

Degrassi Season 11 Quick Teaser (from Much Music)

– Man, I feel bad for those fans who all they hear is that there’s a new “promo” out, get excited, then find out it’s this.  The networks are not going to promote Degrassi hardcore […]

Degrassi Season 10: Part 1 DVD Delayed

Today was supposed to be a fantastic day.   I was supposed to wake up to an e-mail that said my copy of The Boiling Point was on it’s way.  Instead I woke up to an […]

Kary’s Thoughts On Degrassi Season 10

Ahhhh well since you asked, here’s a bunch of random thoughts about Season 10 as a whole… I’ve been asked before what Season 10’s rank is compared to the other seasons of Degrassi, and here’s […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Drop The World

Drop the World proves that the negative impact of social media on Degrassi is real. If it wasn’t enough that spoilers the confirmed what was the heart of this final episode (just because I pretty […]

Information Overload: How Degrassi (And Its Fans) Are Spoiling Themselves

For the past year I’ve watched the Degrassi online community explode beyond the beautiful point it was back during the days of Seasons 3, 4 and 5.  At one point last year there were literally […]


This is a NON-SPOILERISH Season 11 teaser.  I thought it was a fanvid at first until I realized it was released by one of the most reliable Degrassi sources out there. THIS is what I’m talking […]