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Degrassi Season 10 Brainstorming Under Way

– I <3 Stefan Brogren. Today is a busy day at the Degrassi headquarters, but Stefan took time out of the day to tweet us some behind the scenes pics.  The writers have already started on […]

Degrassi Every Episode Ever Marathon WEEKDAY Schedule

Okay, hopefully you got to enjoy at least some of the Degrassi Marathon on TeenNick this past weekend!!! Sadly, there’s going to be no more 20+ hours of Degrassi everyday….but the marathon will still continue the rest […]


HOLY MOLY BREAKING NEWS!!!! I was in the middle of playing an awesome round of L4D2 and had to stop to post this!! Stephen Stohn just posted on his twitter the first episode titles of […]

New Degrassi Characters A Comin’?

The quest to find out what surprising thing Degrassi has in store for us in Season 10 continues on The Exec’s twitter: **************** well, not sure if there will be a theme change, but there […]

Degrassi Season 10? Whaaaaaa?

The Exec has already started teasing us on his twitter about Season 10 of Degrassi: ************************ I can’t wait to tell you about what will be happening for Degrassi Season 10… something new and surprising.. […]