Month: October 2016

Degrassi Corner: DNC Season 3 Screening, Cute Whore And Eleanor Shore News

Season 3 is done and the creators held a screening to watch the product. We also have some Degrassian music news, including an upcoming performance for a good cause.


Degrassi Halloween 2016

Check out how Degrassians, past and present, celebrated Halloween weekend!

Degrassi Snapchat Takeover: Amir Bageria

Check out some of the previous Snapchat takeovers! Sara Waisglass Amanda Arcuri¬† Dante Scott After celebrating his birthday this past week, Amir got to take over Degrassi’s Snapchat account for the weekend (“degrassisnap”). […]

Degrassi Vlog Roundup 10/29/16

It’s been kind of a busy week, but the Degrassi Vlog train moves along! Here’s a few of the vlogs that Degrassi’s posted over the past week: Degrassi Chats Gay-Straight Alliances Earlier this year Adamo […]

Flashback Friday: Degrassi Vine

Twitter is my primary social media platform of choice these days. It’s also been a “home base” for Degrassi’s online community for years (as has Tumblr). Amidst its current woes, Twitter has announced it’s shutting […]

Degrassi Webisode: All Inclusive, Part 2 – Social Media Photos

In Part 1 of the All Inclusive series, we saw Frankie dealing with sexual harassment. Here in Part 2, Frankie and Shay play the role of harassers as they post what they think is a […]

Degrassi Corner: New Webisodes, Ana In Conviction, Richard’s New Album

[UPDATE: The episode of “Conviction” that Ana Golja will appearing airs tonight at 10pm ET on ABC, not 9pm.] There was a lot of breaking news last week… Major storyline confirmed for DNC Season 3:¬† […]