Month: October 2016

Degrassi Snapchat Takeover: Amanda Arcuri

Last week Dante took over Degrassi’s Snapchat…this weekend, Amanda took over as we joined her during her lazy Sunday. Make sure you follow Degrassi on Snapchat (“degrassisnap”) for future takeovers! And you can allow follow […]

Degrassi Vlogs: Nikki Fosters Raccoons

Must…resist…posting raccoon gifs/memes… All it takes is a quick glance at Nikki’s Twitter to see that she’s a passionate activist for many issues, including animal rights. When Degrassi’s description of this video says that Nikki’s […]

Degrassi Yearbook: Win A Grammy

The Next Class cast is so diverse in many ways, but so many of them have one thing in common: they’re passionate about music. While the previous generation of Degrassians (S10-14) were mostly involved in […]

How “Coming Out” Can Be Complex, As Shown On Degrassi

Today is #NationalComingOutDay! Degrassi hasĀ forever embraced the LGBTQ community, and earlier today they retweeted this post from the website Everyday Feminism: Happy #NationalComingOutDay! Why #comingout isn't as simple as our allies might think: #ComingOutDay […]

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Here in the U.S. we have a month and a half before we get to celebrate this holiday, but today is Canada’s day to enjoy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for this show, which has been a […]

Degrassi Corner: #WEDay, #FreakishOnHulu, #SomasSong

Last week #WorldTeachersDay was a huge trending topic, so I ended up creating a quick tribute to Degrassi teachers over the years over on my Youtube channel. Filming for Degrassi: Next Class might be over […]

Degrassi Snapchat Takeover: Dante Scott

Make sure you’re following Degrassi on Snapchat (@degrassisnap) for behind-the-scenes video and more! Today Dante Scott took over Degrassi’s account for the day. Degrassi plans to do more of these in the future, so let […]