Degrassi, Family Channel and TELUS Wise have teamed up to produce a series PSAs that address teen issues.

All of this is part of Family’s Bullying Awareness Week campaign, which encourages youth to stand up, not stand by when bullying happens. This is a network-wide initiative, with other shows such as Backstage and The Next Step also creating content for this campaign.

According to a press release from DHX Media:

TELUS WISE and Family created exclusive short-form content from the tween series Backstage and teen drama Degrassi: Next Class that addresses bullying prevention. The creative scenarios see fan-favourite characters exploring issues such as cyberbullying, protecting your privacy online, and identity theft, with Degrassi: Next Class also tackling issues more relevant to teens like sexting and romantic relationships.

In this first webisode of the “All Inclusive” series, Degrassi deals with the topic of sexual harassment, as Zig and Tiny make comments about Frankie’s body that make her feel uncomfortable.

NOTE: THESE WEBISODES ARE NOT CANON. They are the equivalent of an informational skit, only they’re using Degrassi characters. The point of these webisodes are the topics they present, not your favorite ship/character or who you think should/shouldn’t be in them.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

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