Follow “degrassisnap” on Snapchat as they’ll be doing more of these weekend takeovers during the hiatus!

Dante’s takeover:
Amanda’s takeover:

Sara Waisglass spent her takeover answering fan questions and hanging out with Dante. Below’s a recap of how things went:

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Posted by Kary


  1. Someone I figured you may want to take a look at Kary. Stephen Stohn confirms that there is a graduating class at the end of Next Class Season 4. Sounds like Zig, Maya and the crew may be graduating by the end of the next 20 (so the episodes released in July 2017).



    1. Thank you for posting that video! Yeah they’re definitely graduating in the final episodes of season 4. Cast members made that obvious on the last day of filming with their vague but super emotional tweets, and there were also some pics posted from that graduates dinner Stephen mentioned in the video. It’s great to have verbal confirmation though because now it’s sinking in that it’s really happening.



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