The biggest piece of Next Class news during the hiatus so far comes from the December/January issue of Seventeen, which says Degrassi will begin streaming new episodes on Friday, January 15th.


There’s still been no official releases from Netflix or Family Channel, and there’s no expectation of any until we get into December.

For more information on Degrassi: Next Class…

*Netflix reveals plans for Season 1
*Degrassi interviews confirming Next Class will be edgier
*Interviews from Spencer MacPherson | Andre Kim | Ehren Kassam
*What’s new on the set of Next Class
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*New autograph cards

Posted by Kary


  1. Is it known at all whether this Netflix deal pays degrassi more or less money than the teennick deal? Netflix now has to be way more popular than teennick but I dunno which is the bigger potential audience and it seems like with Netflix being an online thing the pay would be way cheaper, but maybe that’s completely not true anymore.



  2. Are some fans aware that Eli & Clare are NOT coming back…. Some fans think they are. Things I see on twitter and tumblr.



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