Welcome to eBay, the new official source for Degrassi information! Sort of.

A user on the site has listed some of the new autograph cards fans will be able to request during Degrassi: Next Class.

The current listings include autographs from Ana Golja, Eric Osborne, Ehren Kassam, Ricardo Hoyos and Dante Scott, who will play new character “Vijay.”

You can find info on Vijay here.  To receive an autograph from Degrassi cast members, just mail your request to:

220 Bartley Dr, Toronto, ON M4A 1G1, Canada

Posted by Kary


  1. Hey Kary so all we need to do is just send the mail saying we want ____ autograph and that’s it? No need to pay for it?



    1. That’s it! If you’re in the U.S. the postage might cost a little more to send it there, but nothing else cost wise.



  2. What is going on with that miles pic?? He has the worlds largest arms and a pinhead!!;)



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