As we get closer to 2016, Next Class pics are stealthily popping up on the internet.

With DHX Media and other outlets establishing the Next Class brand, not only do we get things like this:


and this:


We also get a look at some of the new characters that will be introduced in the series:


and that new haircut Ehren was talking about.

As a refresher, audition descriptions for the new characters in Next Class are below. They would indicate Esme and Goldi are pictured above.

ESME (Female: 15 years.)
Open Ethnicity. Prim and proper. A button-down keener on the outside, an erratic thrill-seeker on the inside, Esme’s an 11th grade student who lives in the moment. She’s confident, knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to manipulate others in order to get it. These antics are rooted in her desperate need for attention, so when things don’t go according to her plan, Esme lashes out in manic, psychopathic ways.

VIJAY (Male: 15-17 years.)
Wide-eyed, Indian, tall, and good-looking without knowing it, Vijay is a hopeless romantic with a flare for the dramatic. He believes in happy endings, and spends his time fantasizing about the one perfect boy who will sweep his grade 9 gamer geek self off his feet. He’s an idealist who’s honest, emotional, and who always follows his heart– even though it usually leads him towards heartbreak.

DINO (Male: 15 years.)
Greek. An entrepreneurial millionaire trapped in the body of a 10th grade Greek nerd, Dino is a wunderkind who’s always on the lookout for new business ventures. He’s calculating and methodical, and hypothesizes all outcomes before throwing himself into situations. Because of this, he often lets logic get in the way of emotional connections and is only able to find and reconnect with his heart through his friends.

GOLDI NAHAR (Female: 15-16 years.)
Iranian/Muslim/Persian. Goldi Nahar is an activist and feminist who, while putting her hijab on every morning, considers ways in which she can improve Degrassi. Goldi is high achieving and out to win the student council presidency. She’s passionate yet somewhat reserved, leading others to believe that she’s standoffish, when in reality she’s just being respectful of others and her own beliefs.

  MAUDE (Female: 15 years.)
Open Ethnicity. Strong and dominant, Maude is an 11th grade short haired lesbian, who always takes the lead. Whether it’s directing the school play or fighting against world hunger, she wants her voice to be heard. Maude’s a go-getter, and sometimes abuses her leadership powers by going further than she can get.  It’s only when she’s able to listen and follow others that she truly achieves her goals. For this role, talent must have short hair. Those who have long hair can audition, as long as willing to cut hair for shoot. If not willing to cut hair, please do not audition for this role.

Posted by Kary


  1. Glad they went for a girl of colour for Esme!



  2. OMG I’M IN LOVE WITH ESME! I’ve wanted a character like this forever, though I always imagined a male character (because as my writing tends to be male lgbt characters, it just always goes in that direction), I’m fine with this. And the actress looks great. I am so excited for Esme omg. I’m excited for all of them actually



  3. so happy for an actual observant Muslim character. There’s so much issues going on with Muslims nowadays it’s brave for Degrassi to include this. This would be very interesting.



  4. So the two newbies pictured above are Chelsea Clark (“Esme”) and Soma Bhatia (“Goldi”). So just waiting to see Jamie Bloch (“Maude”), Dante Scott (“Vijay”), and Amir Bageria (“Dino”). Can’t wait to see the full cast pictures! :D



  5. why do i feel all the girls read the same: zoe. We have esme and maude who sound exactly like zoe. Trying to be perfect and have this perfect life and when they dont get want they want they manipulate and then lash out. ZOE. EXACTLY ZOE. Please couldn’t we have a more diverse female personality cast? Also, while I applaud that they include new gay characters and diverse backgrounds, I feel like they are trying to make the whole cast bisexual so everyone can hook up with everyone. This is dumb. Do we need to go through the, i didnt know i was gay until now plot for everyone? NOOOOOOOOO. Its like half the cast is gay or bi and soon all the cast will be. Sad emoji. I want to see plots that have romance but also that go beyond romance.



    1. You gotta understand, a year old when Tristan was the only gay guy on there they were told they didn’t have enough gay-related plots. Now you’re saying they have too many. And as for same, hers sounds a bit like Zoe but they didn’t say “lash out” they said complete manic/psychotic episodes which is completely different and seems like it’ll be waaaaay more interesting.



  6. chelsea clark goes to my school lmao



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