We’re in the final couple of days of 2013 and I’m expecting a new promo at some point this week, mainly because Degrassi is returning in January and they STILL haven’t officially announced the premiere date (unless something changes, it’ll be the 16th).

Until then I’ll pass the time with some random searches people do to find this blog.  Sadly it looked like the weirdos took the holidays off, as the queries for nude pics of the cast have been lacking recently.


*degrassi auditions
You have from now until January 17, 2014 to audition for Degrassi Season 14.  All of the information you need can be found here: https://degrassiblog.com/2013/12/18/audition-info-for-degrassi-season-14/

*jahmil french quits degrassi
If I remember correctly Jahmil didn’t quit Degrassi, they just stopped using him because they felt they no longer needed his character.  He did appear in one episode in season 13 though, the episode Young Forever.

*in degrassi season 13 is clare a senior
Yes, as is the rest of her crew (Jenna, Alli, Connor).

*degrassi season 14 premiere date
Season 13 continues in January.  Season 14 would probably start in July of 2014.

*aislinn paul haircut 2013

how did adam die on degrassi
Adam was in a car accident in the episode Cannonball.

*why did jordan todosey leave degrassi
You’re never going to get a direct answer on this from anyone involved, but it’s hard not to believe that there was some personal stuff happening behind the scenes that directly influenced how Adam’s departure played out.  There’s no reason to believe they would’ve ever killed off Adam’s character if Jordy wanted to stay on the show.  And whatever was going on behind closed doors was enough to have the show willingly and hastily kill off her character so Jordy could have a clean break from the show.

*who dies on degrassi 2014
Degrassi killed off Cam and Adam in 2013.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there is a 0% chance anyone dies in 2014.

*who gets married in degrassi jan 2014
There’s hints of an Alli/Leo wedding in the upcoming block: https://degrassiblog.com/2013/12/19/new-degrassi-promo-121913-teennick/

*what happened to tori on degrassi
Alex Steele wanted to leave the show to pursue other things.  She’s currently in Los Angeles with her sister Cassie and Lyle.

*why did miriam mcdonald leave degrassi
She left because the show decided it was time for her to leave (Spinner as well).  Degrassi was planning on rebooting the franchise on season 10, and they needed to finally get rid of the rest of the original TNG characters.

*whos necklace did jimmy find on the roof
This person is referring to the necklace Jimmy found and gave to Hazel in the season 3 episode, Take On Me.  There was never an investigation into who the necklace originally belonged to…it was just a random necklace, lol.

*why did the n change to teenick
Ok a brief thing about its history….

The N was originally a 12-hour programming block on the channel Noggin.  The-N’s teen programming aired from 6pm-6am, while Noggin’s children’s programming aired from 6am-6pm.  One day MTV Networks decided to shut down one of its channels (Nick GAS) and they wound up putting The-N in its slot as its own 24-hour network.  The network was renamed TeenNick because it’s under the Nickelodeon umbrella and they wanted all Nick channels branded similarly.


And of course there are the obligatory searches for nude pics of the cast…

*luke bilyk nude

*melinda shankar porn

*maya from degrassi nude

*munro chambers naked penis real

*aislinn paul boobs

Posted by Kary


  1. Kary, thanks for answering the history of Degrassi questions people through out there. …..Kary, I was wondering if you would consider blogging and critiquing the new Web Canadian internet series “Teenagers.” It looks like a strong R rated Degrassi. 2 of the Degrassi alums will be on it the first year. Is this something you might consider doing? The first season starts in mid January and there will only be 8 episodes. If you hate the first couple of them you could always say screw this and just move on.



    1. I’m definitley going to watch it, but I’m not sure if I’ll do any critical analysis of it just because I don’t know if I’ll have time. I do wish I could review more shows in general though.



      1. thank god! i wouldnt want any show other then degrassi taking up your time! i love this blog thank u kary =D


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