Degrassi Vine Season 1


Degrassi Vine is a collection of random, stupid parodies that poke fun at the Degrassi cast and crew.  Most of the video footage used was filmed by the cast members themselves.

Degrassi Vine Season 1 Episodes

101 – Little Mistakes:
102 – SAVE JIMMY!:
103 – Inside The Degrassi Writers Room:
104 – Everybody Hates Crispy:
105 – Carrie: The Movie:
106 – Lyle Has To Pee Pee:
107 – How To Piss Off Your Girlfriend:


  1. This show COMPLETELY sucks!! While I am not against gays, I am against this bombardment of gayness!!! Just because I am not against it, doesn’t mean I want to see it every time I turn around either! You are living in a dream world if you think it’s okay for a (gay) student to meet his (gay) teacher in his apartment… Get REAL!! BTW… NO, I DON’T want to see this $hit!!



    1. I completely agree with u this shit is just messed up now degrassi was ok seasons 1-11 now its like a bombardment of crap and unrealistic problems.



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